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IUD Contraceptive Removal : Easy and Painless But Only for Doctors

At some point of time or the other, everyone has to remove her IUD and you won’t be an exception. Now, if you’re wondering why in the world would You get it removed, here’re the possible reasons:

  • IUDs never get dissolved
  • Neither it can stay inside your uterus lifelong
  • It won’t come out on its own
  • You may desire to get pregnant
  • It may lead to a nasty infection
  • Its side-effects may no longer be tolerable or
  • You may just want to get rid of it

The best part of the story so far is IUD contraceptive removal is pretty easy and uncomplicated. The removal part is also much less painful and faster than its insertion.

However, here’s a word of caution! Under no circumstance you should ever try to remove your IUD yourself. Neither ask a friend, who’s medically unqualified, to do it for you. Such attempts with untrained hands may lead you to severe damage in the uterus.

IUD life spans

Another significant cause for the removal is it becomes no more effective. As a matter of fact, IUDs have a predefined life span. After that they are no more effective in helping with avoiding pregnancies. For example:

  • ParaGard IUD: Needs removal after 10 years
  • Mirena IUD: Needs to be removed after 5 years
  • Skyla IUD: Should be removed after 3 years

Some women consider removing their IUD with switching their sexual partners, but this is not necessary. The IUD, once correctly inserted in place, will keep working effectively irrespective of the number of sexual partners you have or have changed till its life gets over.

The removal procedure

What do you during your IUD removal? This is a very relevant question as most women get scared by the idea. The procedure, as mentioned above is quite simple if not just painless.

The ideal time to remove an IUD is when you’re on your periods. This is because, during the days of your menstrual cycle, your cervix is already softened and moist.

  • As the first step to removal, the doctor will determine the position of the uterus
  • Usually, a speculum is used – or rather inserted – to separate the vaginal walls
  • The doctor will now look for the strings of your IUD. She’ll use forceps to get a good grip on those strings and will gently pull on them

The arms of an IUD are always made flexible so that when the doctor pulls on them, the IUD slides against the vaginal wall and comes out through the opening of the cervix smoothly. The procedure will last just a few minutes and it won’t make you scream in pain.

The procedure of coil contraceptive removal, when you try to do it yourself or ask a friend to give you a hand, may not be so easy and hassle-free. Even complications pop up when doctors attend such cases. It may not be possible to locate your IUD string or any other difficulty may appear. Thus, you’re asked not to allow untrained hands to handle such cases.

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