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Londent Oral Care – How Teeth Whitening Treatment Can Whiten Your Teeth

Drinking habit, eating habit, aging, oral hygiene and oral habits can stain the teeth of everybody and anybody. It is an inevitable outcome that every person will go through. These factors make the teeth look less white, less attractive and less dazzling and hence, our smile also does not look good. However, dentistry field has gained so much advancement that this shortcoming can well be overcome with the modern treatment technology of teeth whitening.

There are a number of teeth whitening methods that can effectively remove your teeth stains, stubborn spots and make your teeth whiter and more attractive. However, before you go into the details of how these different teeth whitening techniques and treatments work, you need to know how exactly do your teeth get stained? There are two prominent layers in your tooth –

The harder outer layer known as enamel
The softer inner layer known as dentin

When staining drinks and foods are consumed or when you smoke, the foreign particles of these products are deposited on top of this harder outer layer of your tooth, known as the enamel. This staining deposit or layer is known as the pellicle film.

When you visit the dentist London, they can effectively scrape off this pellicle film off your teeth surface. Moreover, some of this film can also be removed by toothpaste and proper brushing method. However, all of this film cannot be removed completely. The reason behind this is that the enamel layer of the teeth that are porous encourages the pellicle film to penetrate into the enamel layer. If the pellicle film gets deeper into the enamel, no matter how much you brush your teeth, the stain will just not be removed. These stains are not harmful though; but they can make the smile ugly. Therefore, you need to visit a dental clinic for a professional teeth whitening procedure.

There are two teeth whitening methods such as –

At home kits
Professional methods.

In method, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide is used. If you go for a home method, you can choose the many DIY treatments such as using bleaching powder with hydrogen peroxide or using oil pulling or use strawberries to make the teeth whiter. The dentist might also custom made a teeth whitening kit for you that you can use on your own at home. These are trays that are filled with teeth whitening agents and you have to wear the trays around the teeth for about 2 hours during sleep at night. Within about 1 to 2 weeks, you will start to feel the results. However, in case of stubborn stains, the results will take about 6 weeks to achieve.

Teeth whitening dentist will always recommend the best method for you. Usually a teeth whitening gel is applied on the teeth and then a special dental white light is applied on the gel so that the gel activates and starts to penetrate into the tooth layer and remove the staining particles. Within an hour, visible changes can be experienced. Up to 7 shades or even lighter and whiter teeth can be achieved with this method. You can visit your nearest clinic today to go for these treatments and achieve a happy smile. Your dentist will guide you completely regarding the treatments.

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