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Oral Health: The Mouth-Body Connection

Over the last 5-10 years, there’s been a growing interest in relating mouth health and body health. This wasn’t so before now as diseases were not linked to oral health disorders.

Recent studies have shown that people with oral concerns such as gum disease have a 40% chance of having a chronic condition on top of it.

Dental care is also important to overall body health. Here’s how:

Your Mouth, the Door to Your Body

To comprehend how the mouth can affect the body, you need comprehensive dental information. When bacteria builds up on the teeth, it makes gums vulnerable to infection. Normally, the body’s immune system moves in to attack the infection, and the gums become inflamed. If neglected, the inflammation and chemicals it releases destroy the gums and bone structure holding the teeth. This causes a severe gum disease called Periodontitis.

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Oral Health and Diabetes

The link between Diabetes and Periodontitis may be the strongest of all mouth-body connections. The complication is that Periodontal disease in the form of gum inflammation weakens the body’s ability to control blood sugar; diabetic people find it difficult to process sugar due to lack of insulin. When blood sugar is high, there’s an ideal condition for infections including gum infection, to grow. You can visit our dentist at Smile 4 U Dental Practice for ways to manage the gum disease-diabetes relationship.

Oral Health and Heart Disease

For reasons not fully understood, it’s obvious that gum disease and heart disease have a working relationship. About 90% of patients with heart disease suffer Periodontitisas compared to 66% of persons with no heart disease. These two diseases share common place risk factors like unhealthy diet, obesity, and smoking. Periodontitis is a prime suspect in raising the risk of heart disease. This is because inflamed blood cells allow less blood to travel between the heart and the rest of the body; raising blood pressure.

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Oral Health and Pregnancy

It is recommended that if you’re pregnant or before you become pregnant, you should have a comprehensive periodontal exam to identify whether you’re at risk or not.

The reason is that though men may have Periodontitis morning often than women do, hormonal changes during pregnancy can accelerate a woman’s risk, which is why you need to see your dentist at Smile 4 U Dental Practice.

Again, infection and inflammation in general, seem to get in the way of fetus development in the womb. The possible role of gum disease in premature or low birth weight deliveries amongs’t other factors are being evaluated by researchers. Babies that are born too early or at a low birth weight often have some health issues like lung conditions, heart conditions, and learning disorders.

Oral Health and Osteoporosis

Bone loss is commonly associated with Periodontitis and osteoporosis although the link is controversial. Cram mentions that osteoporosis affects the long bones in the arms and legs, whereas gum disease affects the jaw bone. Another pointer is that osteoporosis is more common in women, while Periodontitis attacks mostly men.

Some studies have discovered that women with osteoporosis have Periodontitis more often than those who do not. Research is being done to test the theory that inflammation caused by Periodontitis could weaken bones in other body parts.

Oral Health and Smoking

A smoker is at risk of having severe gum disease thrice that of a non-smoker. Not smoking is healthy for your mouth and body. Smoking interferes with your gum’s ability to fight infection.

Oral Health and Other Conditions

Some mouth-body connections under present investigation are Rheumatoid Arthritis; Lung Conditions; Obesity. All these conditions are triggered by Periodontitis.

The Bottom Line on Oral Health

Whatever affects the mouth, affects the body. Observing good oral hygiene can aid you to live longer. Our dentist in Croydon can help you with the treatment of Periodontitis.Before your Periodontitis escalates to the point where you begin to lose your teeth, see your dentist at Smile 4 U Dental Practice.It’s important to let dentists in Croydon give you comprehensive dental checkups and treatment.


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