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Realistic Solutions with Breast Reconstruction Surgeries

Myriads of women all over the world and cutting across age groups suffer from breast cancer. Thanks to unbelievable improvement of technology in medicine, the disease is completely curable, provided it is diagnosed at its initial stages. The treatment usually requires people to undergo mastectomy or lumpectomy surgeries. By these Breast Reconstruction surgical procedures, cancer experts remove either the whole tissue present in a patient’s bosom or a part of it. Thus, reconstruction of the mammary glands is an essential part in curing and rehabilitating the cancer patients back to normal life.

In lumpectomy or wide local excision, a part of the bust tissue is removed whereas, in mastectomy, the entire tissue, along with the covering skin including the nipple is taken away. Breast reconstruction surgeries are more relevant for these women to lead life as normally as possible.

Recreating the perfect shape of your bosom

Medical experts who deal with reconstruction of the tissues of your busts usually follow certain methods to create new busts shape. These methods usually include the following:

  • Removal of the entire tissue on the chest along with the covering skin is the first step. The second step involves placing the implant and gently stretching the remaining skin and the muscle over it.
  • Just removing the particular tissue and leaving the skin intact; finally, the implant is placed inside. This process is clinically referred to as skin-sparing mastectomy.
  • Living tissues are extracted from other parts of a patient’s body and those are used to reconstruct the busts tissue.

However, depending on the complexity of your case, the surgeon may even combine the living tissues from your body with an implant.

After undergoing the reconstruction surgery for the bosom, you may need to further undergo invasive procedures to create the nipple. Reconstructed mammary glands do not match perfectly in appearance with the natural ones. Thus, you may also need to undertake further surgical procedures to make your reconstructed body part look similar to the natural one.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery techniques

Breast reconstruction surgeons usually follow any of the following procedures to rebuild the particular body part for their patients.

  • An implant-based reconstruction and
  • Flap reconstruction

In implant-based reconstruction procedure, an implant filled either with saline water or silicon gel or both is inserted into a patient’s chest; whereas, in flap reconstruction, living tissues from other parts of the body are used to reconstruct the bulge on your chest. As a patient, it is your call to decide whether to rebuild the nipple or not. Depending upon the degree of complexity in a case, it is even possible to perform mastectomy sparing the nipples. This type of nipple-sparing mastectomy surgeries allows patients to restore their own nipples and the surrounding skin.

The best part of reconstruction surgeries of these tissues is one is never too late for this treatment. As such, there is no need to undergo immediate breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. You can talk to your surgeon and get considerable guidance and suggestions regarding these procedures.

Proper reconstruction of the body part may take several phases or sessions of surgery. It is even possible that you may have to undergo surgery on your non-affected busts to bring about symmetry to both of them. However, this will be decided by your doctor depending on the natural shape and size of your mammary glands.

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