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Sick Notes – Your Rights to Take Off from Work Due to Illness

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has just ended. It’s natural that during the sporting season a plenty of Brits felt like being “under the weather” before certain games and were off work. But as an employee what are your rights to take a day off? Let’s find out……

What is a sick note and why do you need it?

A sick note or a fit note are the same. Officially, it’s called Statements of Fitness for Work. Your employer or boss needs this note when you have spent a considerable time away from work because of any illness or injury.

A sick note is meant to prevent you from claiming pay and taking time off from work when you’re not seriously ill.

How many days off work can I take without having to furnish a doctor’s certificate?

The NHS official website has clean guidelines on this issue. According to it, you don’t need to provide a doctor’s certificate if your leave hasn’t exceeded beyond 7 consecutive days. This includes weekends, bank holidays or the days when you usually don’t work. However, the NHS guideline also states, your employer can ask you to confirm that you are ill. You can do this by filling in a declaration form once you’ve joined back. This procedure is called self-certification.

Usually companies have their own formats of self-certification form for their employees. You can also download your favourite templates from the web.

If you’ve been off work for more than 7 days in succession due to illness, then you have to provide your employer with a sick note.

How do I get a note from a doctor?

Experts associated with Medical Express Clinic, located on Harley Street at Marylebone in London, suggest you to make an appointment with your family physician to collect your sick note. The expert will assess your health to decide if you’re in a condition to work or need rest. If you’re judged unfit for work, the expert will write out a note accordingly, which you can furnish before your employer.

Know your rights related to taking leave from work due to illness or injury. Collecting a note from your GP is difficult neither. But knowing the clauses properly will help you avoid unnecessary overheads.

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