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Useful Tips on Your First Gynaecologist Visit

The first visit to a gynaecologist definitely indicates a major transition in any woman’s life. Apart from that, the first visit also proves to be a tough call, as most individuals suffer from a mixed feeling of confusion, nervousness and anxiety and a little scary as well. To make things easier for you, a prominent gynae expert in London suggests to shake off your self-consciousness and worries, while going for the first checkup. Remember that going to a gynae expert is completely natural as well as necessary for you.

As a matter of fact, gynaecologists in Harley Street on anywhere else won’t judge you as an individual and rather do everything on their part to make you feel comfortable. Read on to learn how to prepare yourself for your first gynae checkup, setting aside your fear and anxiety.

Your experiences in a gynaecologist’s clinic

Usually, you’ll found yourself in a waiting room, where you’ll see girls much younger than you and women much older. These days, girls as young as 13 years are going for their gynae checkups. First thing, don’t bother about your age.

Different reasons for visit

Girls and women visit their gynaecologist for various reasons. These factors include :

  • They’ve just started their sex life and they’re going for the checkups as a precaution
  • Experiencing irregular periods
  • Having very painful period pains and cramps
  • They want to get pregnant or want to avoid pregnancy
  • Suffering from vaginal infections
  • Having abdominal issues

The crowd you find at the best gynecologist in Harley Street or anywhere else have their different objectives or goals for assembling there.

Booking the first appointment:

You have to make an advance booking with your gynaecologist. However, you should keep a track of your period , so that you can book the appointment when a menstrual cycle is over. There’re several apps that not only help you track your periods but also tell you a probable date, when it will get over. Some women have irregular periods. It’s difficult for them to track their periods using these apps.

In such cases, make a mental note of the dates and book your appointment accordingly. By chance if you calculate the dates wrong, just don’t panic. Our gynaecologist in Harley Street, London suggests, in such cases you just ring back and reschedule the appointment. Any gynaecologist office is accustomed to such rescheduling requests from patients.

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