9 Tips for Setting Up Your Tattoo Station

9 Tips for Setting Up Your Tattoo Station
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If you have recently landed your first job as a tattoo artist, you should be over the moon. Now’s the perfect time to make the most of your new career as there’s a boom in tattoo demand

You need to be able to cater to your clients as without them you won’t get far. Clients want to have a professional tattoo artist. You can show them you’re on top of your game by having a proper tattoo station. 

There’s no need to be anxious as a new tattoo artist. This step-by-step guide has nine tips you need to know to help you set up your new tattoo station.

1.Gather Your Tattoo Equipment

Being a tattoo artist is all about sterility. You’ll need to reduce the risk of experiencing safety hazards. You must seek to protect yourself and your clients. 

Start by setting up all your tattoo equipment. Your tools of the trade will include the tattoo machine, needles, and bottles of ink. Other tools you’ll need include the rubber band canister and tattoo tray.

2.Clean Your Tattoo Station

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Do a thorough job as you cover all surfaces. 

Put on a new pair of gloves each time. All used gloves should be discarded properly. There should be a container nearby where you can insert them. 

Spray all your equipment with a medical-grade sanitizer to kill all germs and viruses. Let the solution sit for at least three minutes before you wipe it away with a paper towel.

As you wait for the solution to soak in, you can mop the floor under your tattoo station. A mix of bleach and water is ideal for this.

3.Set Up Your Barriers

Next on the list are the barriers. Before you set them up, consider where you’ll place your materials. You should also consider what you’ll be coming in contact with during the tattoo process.

Focus on wrapping the following areas with barrier film sheets. Wrap the power supply screen in case you need to touch it to change the voltage while tattooing. 

Wrap the lever on your stool as you may need to adjust it. Do the same with the stand and hood of your lamp. After each session, you’ll need to undo the film and replace it with a new one. 

You’ll have to wrap the massage table with plastic wrap. Wrap the entire table even if you only plan to use a small area of the table.

4.Cover Your Tattoo Tray

Your tattoo tray is going to be the main part of your workstation, so you’ll also have to cover it in its entirety. You might think it isn’t necessary to cover it if you have a stainless-steel tray. The reality is that it should be covered regardless of its material. 

Cover all the edges of the tray. Don’t miss any areas, even those that overlap. Use tape as necessary to secure the wrap in place.

5.Set Up Your Tray

Once your tray is all covered, it’ll be time to set it up. Place all of your essential tools like squeeze bottles and paper towels on the tray. It’s a good idea to have two squeeze bottles and lots of paper towels ready to pick up and use. 

Place a new disposable razor on top of a dental bib. Fill up a small cup with distilled water which you’ll use to clean the tip of your needle when you need to swap to another ink color. 

Take your tub of Vaseline and scoop a handful of it and place it on the dental bib. You’ll use a popsicle stick instead of your fingers to protect your stencils. 

Your ink bottles will be placed on the tray before you’re ready to work on a client. The same applies to your tattoo needles. Don’t take them out of their sterile packaging until you’re ready to work with a client.

6.Set Up Your Tattoo Machine

No tattoo station is complete without a tattoo machine. The setup of your machine will depend on the type of machine you plan on using. Regardless of the type of machine you plan on using, you’ll need to cover it with a machine bag.

7.Cleaning Your Tattoo Station

Keeping your tattoo station clean is a major part of the job. Start by taking off the wrap off your stool and then you can move on to the tray. Make sure to dispose of all the sharps. 

Then, focus on removing all barriers. Spray the work area with sanitizer. Repeat these steps after you finish with a client.

8.Meet Tattooing Requirements

You must meet all criteria needed to continue working as a tattoo artist. Your tattoo artist license should be valid. You should display it near your tattoo station so that it’s visible to clients. 

Many states require tattoo artists to take certain courses to be eligible to work in the state. You may also have to undergo training sessions like the bloodborne pathogen training.

9.Collaborate With Your Tattoo Shop

To become a tattoo artist, you must receive the appropriate training. You must also have acquired certain skills. Your goal should focus on improving your skills and providing excellent service. 

It’s essential that you work together with your tattoo shop to adhere to safety guidelines. Collaborate to develop protocols to keep everyone safe. 

Use This Guide to Set Up Your New Tattoo Station 

The time has come to finally set up your first tattoo station. You can use this guide that has nine tips to help you with this process. Put together your new tattoo station to set you up for success as a tattoo artist. 

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