Learn Some Chinese Character’s

We’ve got 3 new characters to learn so let’s get started. All of the characters in this lesson have one thing in common. A straight vertical line right down the middle, which is important to the meaning of these characters. These3 characters are used in lots of different words. But their basic meanings are top, […]


Thinks To Know About The Little Mermaid

You may have known every word of “Part of Your World” since you were a kid, but when’s the last time you gave the Disney classic,The Little Mermaid, your proper attention as a grown-up? From tyrannical sea kings, to mean-girl mermaids,and all of the cannibalistic sea creatures in between, The Little Mermaid is a visual […]


Another water Genasi Named Pintando

i am going to paint the one of the Water Genasi names from WizKids This is the paint that i used You can find them at a hobbyist store And if you live in Mexico, you can order them from “El Reino de los Juegos”, which is where i buy my materials You can ask […]


Warforged- Dungeons And Dragons

Today I’d like to talk about Warforged names, their history and lore within the world of Eberron. Warforged are great, big magical robotic golems. They’re fun, interesting, and mysterious. It’s easy to see why they get imported into peoples homebrew games. Living mechanical constructs, beings built for war that somehow have a unique soul giving […]


Narrated D&D Story: Necromancer Performs The Magic On Paladin

I’ve always wanted to run my players through a jungle full of terrifying plant monsters and gigantic snakes. And now I can because the module comes with an awesome 5th level adventure. I’m going to spring for the miniature package because honestly, these are some of the best mini’s I’ve seen. The snake with human […]


Are Dwarfs Really Powerful

Hello guys this is Dorons movies and today I will be talking about Dwarves and how powerful they are. Briefly covering their history and then talking about characteristics and culture. So without further ado, let’s get into the lore! The Earthen were created many millennia ago by the Titans in order to help structure Azeroth […]


Most powerful Magic In Wow Lore

Briefly covering the various types and then giving my thoughts on the strongest one. So without further ado, let’s get into the lore. The most fundamental forces in the universe are the Light and the Void and are considered to be the oldest. It is said that their collision created the known universe, subsequently creating […]


Top ways To Watch Animes

Hey, wanna watch some anime? Good, because there’s a lot of it out there and lots of options to watch it with, many of those options are off, shall we say, dubious legal merit, so we’re gonna skip those and stick with the services that definitely will not load malware onto every device you own. […]