Mutton Masala and Mouth-watering recipes

Masala blends are combination of certain spices that differ from family to family and region to region. These blends offer a special touch to a dish with its unique and balanced flavours. The recipes of these blends are guarded for year by passing them on from generation to generation. Meat Masala Powder is one such […]

Technology & Gadgets

Huawei Smartphone – a brand that gave it all to reach the top

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology company. It has its headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and was founded by Ren Zhengfej in the year 1987. Initially focused on manufacturing phone switches, today, it not only designs and develops but also sells telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics. It also provides operational and consulting services […]


Elevation for your back; all thanks to the wedge pillow!

While working on your laptop, or reading, or even just casually sitting on the bed, we tend to loosen our bodies which results in a bad posture. Studies reveal, at a very young age, people start having a bad posture which results in back and neck pains. It is important to keep our backs straight […]

Sports & Games

Advent Of Poker In India

Poker is taking off in India. Card games that were restricted to the confines of home games or played during lazy afternoons in kitty parties are no longer a small affair. People want their poker times to be fun and want to splurge lavishly on poker products. With the expansion of companies offering exclusive online […]


Matching Co-ord Sets For A Good Night Sleep

Sleepy little boo needs to feel fresh at all times and with trends swamping around like wildfire, your baby girl will never be alone. The importance of sleep is always at its peak, likewise, a cluster of new baby’s joyous moods depends upon the quality of sleep it had last night. While nights come with […]