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3+1 Steps To Make Your Performance Management Process Effective

The performance review season has approached. Every company, be it small or large, is busy with one-to-one conversations, giving and receiving feedback and much more. For many employees, the performance review process is one of the most stressful work-related conversations of the year. Not to forget, it is equally stressful for managers as well. Traditionally, […]


Data science as the most prospective career of the 21st century

Introduction  As per a report by Gartner, the amount of data that would be generated in the year 2025 would be 50 times more than that generated in 2020. To deal with such a humongous amount of data is a grand challenge in itself. The businesses that would be able to brave this challenge would […]

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How has Tech Changed the Life of an HR?

Over the past few decades, tech in the HR sphere has evolved manifolds. And with the advancements, one after the other, greater boom in tech was experienced. Bots, AI and what not has helped in humanising technology a lot. The HR and attendance management software is a big hit now. It would not be wrong […]