Digital Marketing

Why is it Important to Design and Implement a Social Media Plan?

Designing and Implementing a Social Media Plan for any business is essential. Have you ever gone on a trip to a new country without a route or planning of the places to visit, what to eat, what activities you can do? No right? So, how do you manage social networks, blogs, and websites without knowing […]


Swimming in winter: important tips | American Lifeguard USA

Don’t let the cold prevent you from doing the sport you like the most! Here are some tips for swimming in winter in the coldest months of the year. Low temperatures are an external factor that undoubtedly works against the performance of certain sports. In this sense, water sports and those carried out in the […]


Swimming in schools, what benefits does it bring?

Should swimming in schools and lifeguard classes be a compulsory subject in elementary and middle schools? We analyze some questions related to this interesting topic. We can see from our own experience that the sooner we start to carry out an activity, the more easily we will master it. This is the case, for example, […]