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Why do students drop out of college?

The rate at which students drop out of college has increased in recent years. One out of four students drop out of their colleges. This brings the question, why are students dropping out of college? In today’s education system, universities and college education is regarded to be the key to success. This mounts a lot […]


Best Ways of Minimizing Political Instability

Political instability diminishes the transactional practices and productivity of a country. Do you wonder why some countries are stagnant for a long period? It could be due to political instability. This article provides techniques and strategies that the host countries can adopt to reduce the effects of political instability. What is political instability? Political instability […]


Tips for Writing a Law Dissertation Paper

You might be asking yourself whether law students write dissertation papers. Yes, they do. If you are about to join a college to peruse law and do not have an idea on how to write law dissertation papers, do not worry. This article is for you. It has combined all the tips required in writing […]


Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Visual Analysis Papers

There are many types of academic papers. They range between descriptive, argumentative, and narrative papers. Visual analysis papers are, however, different. Visual analysis papers explore diverse visual concepts and explain them in written form. It may sound challenging to write these essays. Once understand the concept, it becomes easier. Read this article to get insight […]