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6 awesome features of Allscripts EHR Software in 2021

With a diverse range of features packed in a health recording system, deciding which ones will really help you achieve your practice goals is difficult. Most physicians are not fully certain about having taken aboard the appropriate software features and solutions. The only way you can sort this out is by taking into consideration your […]


6 Reasons to Love Urochart EMR in 2021

Selecting the appropriate EMR solution to improve practice workflow efficiency is a constant struggle that most healthcare providers have to go through. Since each medical facility has unique problems and needs, the software chosen for them should fit their needs criteria. In this article, we will discuss one of the most top-rated EHR systems – […]


5 EHR that Will Help Manage your Practice

  What is an EMR Software? These days EMR software does much more than helping you manage your patient records. This software can allow you to better manage your schedule, look at your finances and do a lot more. These days EMR software helps you to manage your practice much more. In this piece, we […]


Carecloud EHR Software vs. AdvancedMD EHR Software: How do they Compare?

Medicine has gone a long way in the last few decades, yet many offices still rely on pen and paper for practice administration! It would help if you had a solution to streamline the patient care process and improve your workflow. AdvancedMD and CareCloud, two prominent medical practice management platforms, are two systems that excel at this. It’s […]


Why AdvancedMD EMR is one of the best in the industry

Every healthcare organization has unique workflows. There is not a single magic rule that works for every facility. Medical providers have now begun to take the necessary measures to improve the quality of patient care. Switching to the right EMR solution in your practice is one of the most important steps you can take. However, […]


6 Reasons to Fall in Love With Healthland Ehr

As someone running a healthcare facility, you have to deal with a number of challenges on a daily basis. There’s a lot more than just the clinical side of things for you to manage. A lot of hidden aspects of managing a practice will also come your way and you might not be fully prepared […]


How Aesthetics Pro Online Can Take Your Dermatology Practice to the Next Level

There is a world of different kinds of EHR out there. They all offer various different features and are placed at different price points. This can make it quite hard to choose one that can help your practice out the most. This is especially true when you are operating as a speciality practice. That is […]


Is Cerner Emr Software a Great Emr Software for User?

Many of us in the field of medicine have to choose from which EMR/EHR Software to use for our medical practices, clinics and clients. There are so many choices all the way from AdvancedMD and CureMD to eClinicalWorks and NextGen Office. So, we at Software Finder recommend Cerner EMR Software. It has a 4 star […]


Top Orthopedic EMR Software for 2021

What is an EMR? The term EMR means electronic medical records. This software is not just to keep medical records safe but also to help you manage your medical practice in terms of the patient onboarding, scheduling and much more. All of this leads to not just following legal guidelines but also allows you to […]


Why Is Advancedmd the Best Emr Software Choice for Emr Users?

We decided that AdvancedMD EMR Software is the most recommended solution overall after conducting extensive study and analysis of electronic medical records (EMR) systems. AdvancedMD was chosen from a shortlist of EMR systems. See the FindEMR all vendors list for a more comprehensive overview of EMR solutions.  Electronic medical records (EMR) are frequently confusing and […]