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Best Scanner Apps For Scanning Legal Size Paper (property document)

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives immensely. The remote work situation is very challenging in terms of generating high productivity. Scanning documents, getting exact sized PDF files, and a lot of other tasks are difficult to handle these days. However, smart scanner apps can simplify these tasks. With the help of reliable scanner apps, […]

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10 Best Image To PDF Converter Apps For Android

Back in our good old school days taking important notes meant jotting down the significant points and keeping it well protected  for future usage. Then with the advent of technology, came the concept of xerox machines, that allowed us to duplicate essential pages. And today note-taking means clicking snapshots of particular notes with your Android […]

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Top 6 New FlashScan Features You Should Try Now!

FlashScan is one of the most reliable Indian document scanner apps, that digitizes various types of papers in no time. It easily fits into any Android device and lets us scan almost every type of document.  This newbie app has already offered many useful features. But as they say,” there is always room for improvement […]