It is your responsibility as an employer to withhold Social Security and Medicare taxes from your employees’ wages. Collectively, these amounts are known as FICA tax withholdings. In English, the acronym FICA refers to the Federal Law on Insurance Contributions. Additionally, you must match the FICA withholding amount and pay the full amount to federal programs that […]


Is It Interesting to Go Through an Online Bank to Take Out a Mortgage?

To buy the house of your dreams or to transform your apartment into a cozy nest, a mortgage or mortgage is often necessary. If in the past it was necessary to push the door of a bank, today this is no longer the case thanks to online banking. If doing everything without leaving home seems […]


Life Insurance Without A Social Security Number

Live in the United States. He works hard to support his family, but he always keeps that in mind. What if something happens to me? It is normal. Many people, protectors, have these thoughts. Typically, you would get a life insurance policy to protect your loved ones when you pass away. Life insurance was created specifically to help protect families […]


How Homeowner’s Rental Insurance Works

Home rental insurance is a perfect tool to reduce the risks associated with a lease. In this article we tell you what this type of policy consists of and how to hire them quickly and easily. What is and how does rental home insurance work? The home rental insurance It is a type of insurance that  offers legal protection […]


Advantages of having annual travel insurance

If you are a frequent traveler and you want to have the peace of mind of being covered against any unforeseen event, the best option is to take out annual travel insurance. As you will see, this modality has very important advantages compared to other insurances. Unlimited travel for 365 days. With the annual travel insurance, you […]


Is it True That Buying a New Car Increases Your Credit Score?

Many times we venture to apply for a car loan without taking into account the factors that we must consider to obtain the best credit, one of them is to know our credit score to evaluate whether it is feasible to acquire a debt or not. For most people, buying a car is a big […]