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Importance of Sweets in Indian Culture

Sweet treats are believed to be the tradition of India. It is believed one should eat and distribute sweets on every occasion and win. Sweets mark the beginning of new commencements and relations. India being the land of festivities and rituals eat sweets throughout the year. Candies, sweets, jellies are currently loved by people of […]

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How Energy Efficiency Can Be Beneficial For Indian Economy Amid COVID-19

The pandemic has proved to be more than just a danger to the health of Indians. As an indirect effect, COVID19 is also responsible for the drop in economic growth. Shutting down business has taken away jobs, and made lives harder for many people in India. Unemployment shot up to 26% on 19th April from […]

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5 Ways to Increase Productivity with Flexible Working Hours

The internet changes the way work is done easily. Firstly, there is an growing need for eight hours a day for a fixed spot. Employees love to have the option of more flexible work arrangements, and business owners are learning to benefit as well. 1. Landline connections are not sufficient anymore Based solely on landline […]


How E-Learning changed the Education System during Pandemic Covid-19

The world today is now in rescue as the COVID – 19 pandemic has destroyed people’s regular lives worldwide. Schools have now switched their foundation to modern platforms to perform courses online among other institutions. As a result, online schooling has arisen as an alternative to ordinary face-to – face classes to address the needs […]