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Five Strategies to Help You Grow as a Leader

What does a leader mean? There can be different answers to this question but in the simplest sense, a leader means the one that leads. But what are the qualities that make up a leader? Now, this is a question that can have a never-ending answer. A good leader has several qualities including, confidence, wisdom, […]


Why Charitable Giving is the Need of the Hour

Charity is not just simply an act of giving; it is much more than that. A simple gesture of giving someone a lending hand with an altruistic motive is the definition of charity. The ultimate motivator behind giving is helping someone and bringing them peace or happiness in a time of their sufferings. Buddha, who […]


3 Tips to Build and Maintain Long-Term Business Relationships

In the business world, a statement that says “The client is usually right.” is well recognized. Even though it is true, it depends upon how you develop the relationship with your client where trust is the winning element to do business with them and keep it going. Service firms rely on trust even quite product-based […]


How Investigative Journalism continues to improve in a digital age

Technology has brought the revolution in every industry. “Journalism” is one such industry that has been drastically impacted by it. A newspaper is one of the traditional sources of news but now it is declining at a fast pace. Earlier people used to read it in the morning with the cup of tea now the […]


Five Leadership Skills to be a Stronger Entrepreneur

An association’s prosperity, by and large, depends on the position limits of its pioneers. Those in the top position need to capably lead laborers and need administration characteristics. A bit of these activity qualities can be taught, while others are character traits. An essential for initiative capacities is having a trademark sentiment of intensity and […]

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Five Ways to Prevent Cyberbullying

Although bullying has been a dependable issue, cyberbullying has become a major issue over the most recent couple of years, and it very well may be considerably more destructive. In contrast to harassing, cyberbullying doesn’t stop when youngsters return home. It can happen the entire hours of the day, each day of the week. On […]