Bryce borca missing eagan mn

bryce borca missing eagan mn
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Bryce borca missing eagan mn in the early morning hours of June 10th, 2020, a search was launched for Bryce Borca of Eagan, Minnesota, who had gone missing. Bryce last appeared on June 9th evening at his house. There were no reports of his location or sightings after that time. This article will discuss the events leading up to Bryce’s disappearance, the ongoing search efforts, and the questions surrounding his whereabouts.

Background on Bryce Borca

Bryce Borca is a 23-year-old man from Eagan, Minnesota. He recently earned a degree in both chemistry and biology from college. Bryce was last seen while residing in Eagan with his parents and working at a lab assistant at a nearby hospital.He was described as a kind, considerate, and intelligent individual who took an active role in his community.

Timeline of Events Leading Up to Disappearance

The events leading up to Bryce’s disappearance occurred on the evening of June 9th. Around 10 PM, after they said him goodbye in his bedroom, his parents last saw him. Later that night, around 2 AM, his parents were awoken by their dog barking, and when they looked into Bryce’s room, he was gone. He had left his phone, wallets, and car keys behind, which suggested that he had departed quickly.

Search Efforts

Since his disappearance, the Eagan Police Department has been leading the search for Bryce. They have interviewed friends and family, searched his bedroom, and scoured the surrounding area for any clues. They have also utilized social media to spread word of the search and have enlisted the help of the public in locating Bryce.

Questions Surrounding the Case

There are many questions surrounding Bryce’s disappearance. The most crucial question is if he is safe.Considering he never went missing before, his entire family and close friends are concerned about what will transpire with him as a direct consequence of his abrupt departure. Another concern is if he departed voluntarily or was taken away against his will.


Bryce Borca’s disappearance has left the community of Eagan, Minnesota, in shock and disbelief. His friends and family are wishing for his quick return and are in need of explanations. The Eagan law enforcement agency is still looking for any information that can point to his whereabouts. Until then, the questions surrounding his disappearance remain unanswered.

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