How Much Do Semi Trucks Cost?

Semi Truck costs

When you are looking for a truck to add to your fleet, for sure the first thing that will come to your mind is how much it will cost you. The answer typically depends on whether you are interested in getting a brand new one or a used semi truck. Apart from this, there are other factors that can affect the price of the semi truck such as its brand, make and model. This article sheds light on how much a semi truck may cost you.

Average Prices  of a New Semi Truck

If you want to get a high-end semi truck, then you may need to prepare around $200000 for a brand new one. There is a great chance for you to enjoy about a ten percent price reduction should you go for a used one instead. On the other hand, if you are keen on getting an average big rig, then a brand new one may cost you around $165000 while an average used-semi-truck will cost you around $105000.

In case a low-end truck is already suitable to meet your needs, then you only need to spend around $130000 for a brand new one and around $30000 on a used one. Leverage technology and explore online sources over the internet. This is one of the ways to find an International semi truck for sale at a very good cost or any other truck brand for that matter. In doing so, you will be presented with a list of viable options that will suit your needs, and your budget.


For truckers who want to acquire a brand new Kenworth truck, around $170000 to $205000 needs to be prepared. This is the average price that you have to pay particularly for the 2021 T880 model. Nevertheless, there is still the option for you to go for a lower-priced model such as the T370 which only costs around $74000.


Peterbilt offers various truck models in different price ranges. However, if you are keen on getting the 2021 579 models, then you need to prepare anywhere from $149000 to $164000. Typical sleeper models cost around $30000 more than day cabs. Explore some of the most reliable web sources because in doing so, you will have the opportunity to find special e-prices for some of the models offered by this truck manufacturer.


For Volvo’s 2020 VNL64T760 with 425 HP, you may have to spend around $149000 but rest assured that this truck manufacturer is renowned for producing durable trucks that withstand the test of time. For this reason, you are guaranteed that you are getting the value of every penny you spend. As a mechanic for Volvo, ( use to work at Peterbilt, and worked on Internationals. Both in my opinion are terrible especially the Maxforce & PACCAR engines). Hands down are the most reliable. You will rarely see an engine being torn down to replace cams, rockers, pistons or anything internal.

Final Word

The price that you have to pay for a semi truck depends on various factors such as whether you are keen on getting a new or a used one. Even the brand, make, and model of the truck can have an impact on the money that you need to shell out. In this case, you may need to balance your needs and finances with the features that you want to have in a truck to ensure that you are getting the one that will fit your needs.

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