Top 3 My Most Closest Childhood Christmas Gift Which is Still With Me

Childhood is not a word, it’s a pure feeling, or I can say it is a blessing. Childhood is the most beautiful period in anyone’s life. You know, we were kids at that time. We enjoyed and celebrated the real Christmas or any other festival. But as the way we all grew up, now we celebrate because we have to do this celebration. It’s our tradition, culture, so we have to follow it. You must be thinking why I am saying all these things today. Have patience, I will tell you everything.

Actually, today I am going to share with you all a very special memory of my childhood Christmas. Today, I will tell you about those 3 gifts that I received on Christmas when I was a kid. You know, this is really very close to my heart. You know, whenever I look at those 3 gifts, I get back to my childhood. Here, I am talking about 3 gifts, it doesn’t mean I received only 3 gifts. Every year, I receive very special gifts and they all are close to my heart. But these 3 gifts are just irreplaceable.

A never finishing cake

You know since childhood I have a sweet tooth. Now, I reduce my desserts, but I still eat. I remember, I was 6 years old and I went to church with my family on the day of Christmas. Because I was the youngest child of the family that’s why I am the most pampered child since childhood. So after blowing candles in front of God, doing prayer, and wishing Christmas to the father of the church.

I was walking in the Church garden with my Dad, and I saw a big Xmas cake. I tell you, it was so huge, literally, it was huge. When I saw that, my eyes just stopped on it. Because in my 6 years of life I didn’t see anything like that, not even in cartoons. So I started telling my Dad, I want that cake. He tried a lot to convince me, but I was stubborn, so I was on my own. I have been so stubborn since my childhood, and still, I am.

After doing my 30-minute drama, Dad finally agrees to give me that cake. But he took a promise to me that I can’t eat that cake. That time I got a little confused, but I said yes because I wanted it. You know what he did. He bought a big christmas cakes, which is made of plastic. Basically, it was a toy, which I still have, and it is so precious to me.


Since childhood, I have not been a very big fan of dolls, kitchen sets, babies, etc. But yes, I am a very big fan of guns, cars, etc. I mean, I have had a totally boyish attitude since my childhood. I think this is the reason, I have male friends more than female friends. When I was 10 years old, I went to my best friend’s house on Christmas Eve. Actually, she was my best friend and neighbor top, and still, she is.

So it’s like tradition, every year on Christmas Eve, I went to her house with her favorite flower and Christmas cookies. And every year order an online bouquet delivery in Bangalore. I don’t know why, but I do this. So when I entered her room, I saw her dollhouse, and I don’t know what happened to me. I just ran to my home, and directly went to my grandpa’s room.

I remember everyone gets shocked by what happens to me. I told him, I want a dollhouse just like Riya. First, everyone gets shocked. Then I want a dollhouse, who doesn’t like dolls. I remember, my Dad bought me that dollhouse by reopening the shop at 1 am the night. And this dollhouse is really very precious. 

Teddy Bear

I don’t like dolls, but I am crazy about teddy bears. When I was 12 years old, my mom gifted me with a giant teddy, similar to my height. This means when I was 12years old. It is really closeted to my heart, and I still have. 

So these are my 3 Christmas gifts, which I still have. You know for me these gifts are not just a gift. These are my sweetest memories of Christmas when I was a kid. These gifts remind me of my childhood. I am sure, you also have so many memories like me. And yes, don’t forget to order Flower Delivery in Pune, for your loved ones. It will make them very happy, and make their Christmas a very happy, and Merry Christmas.