Pre-employment health assessment is implemented for ensuring that the applicant is suitable to a specific job role. Moreover, the applicant is intended to effectively perform the task without letting the health to any certain risk. Even the applicant will ensure the safety standard as well.

According to the Equality Act, Food Safety Standards and Health and Safety Risks, it is essential to make the health assessment for evaluating the ability of the individual. On the basis of the report the employment offer and procedures will be forwarded further in compliance with the Equality Act and subject to health clearance satisfactorily.

Proper adjustment to duties, equipment and environment also enable a person to perform the assigned tasks effectively. Funding will be available for purchasing equipment if required to perform certain works. For this an employee can write an application after 6 weeks of joining.

Who must be assessed medically?

Any person performing duties with any pre-existing medical/health condition which can be health affected.

Anyone who will be appointed to any specific job role possessing some fitness work standards.

Is it mandatory as well as legal necessity?

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 states the framework for safety and health management in UK. As per section 2.1 it is essential for every employer for ensuring the reasonable practice of the safety, health and welfare of the employees at their work station.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 states all employers have to fill the risk assessment by offering suitable arrangements. These will ensure the safety and health of the employees while performing workplace activities.

The Equality Act 2010 (EA) possesses the responsibility on the employers for ensuring that there is no discrimination to disabled employees due to their physical challenge. Moreover, reasonable adjustments should be made in the working environment for the employees and allow them to take the specific responsibility or tasks for which they are actually hired.

It clearly states the eligibility of the employees or applicants for the specific job role regardless of the disability under the EA protection. Even on the basis of Codes of Practice and specific legislation, pre employment health screening can be performed for some special professions. They are mentioned below:

  • Offshore crew
  • Safety Critical Workers
  • Workers at Heights
  • Confined spaces workers
  • Food handlers
  • Drivers
  • Emergency Services Personnel (Coastguard, Ambulance, Firefighters, Police)
  • Flight crew
  • Professional drivers (lift truck, train and LGV)
  • Health care professionals

What a pre-employment medical assessment comprises of?

There are 3 tiers of pre-employment health assessment approach. They are discussed below for your reference:

  • Medical Professional Assessment or Report
  • Occupational Health Adviser Assessment
  • Paperscreen

Medical Professional Assessment or Report – In this case, the Occupational Health Adviser will request for providing further clarification and information regarding the health condition of an applicant. Request will be sent to the health care professional like Specialist or General Practitioner. The request will be sent via the applicant and accordance to the Access to Medical Reports Act.

Occupational Health Adviser Assessment – In this type, the applicant will be assessed by the Occupational Health Adviser for discussing the declaration form’s content. The enquiry nature will be applicant’s health condition centric, the applicable medical standards and the proposed job role. The evaluation aspects considered by the Occupational Health Adviser are mentioned below:

  • The medical standards, risks of the job and the proposed duties
  • By assessing the intensity of the risk, it is checked whether the health of the applicant get affected by the specific job role or not
  • Which essential steps can be taken for alleviating the risk
  • If the health condition of the applicant places other employees at risk from the specific job roles
  • Whether the risks are reasonable or not
  • The possible modifications made to the result so that the individual fits for the job role

Paperscreen – At first, the applicant has to fill up the pre-employment health declaration form completely. Then only the Occupational Health Adviser will perform the assessment for determining whether:

  • The applicant is suitable for the job role or not
  • Occupational Health Adviser will discuss the contents of the form of pre-employment health declaration with the applicant
  • Request for further information will be sent to the medical professional like Specialist or GP Report for the complete Occupational Physician Assessment

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