Dried Bed Bug Eggs and Beyond: 3 Signs of Bed Bugs You Can’t Ignore

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If you are staying in a hotel and waking up with transparent spots on your skin, feel an itchy sensation, or find dried bed bug eggs, you should contact the hotel immediately.

These are signs of bed bugs, and if you stay in that environment, you run the risk of spreading them to your own home because bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of.

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that hide during the day. If you pull back your sheets and there are bed bug bodies on your sheets, chances are a major infestation already exists.

But how can you be sure if you are not paying close attention to your sheets? Keep reading our guide to find the signs of bed bugs that you can’t ignore.

1. Bed Bug Bites On Your Skin

Bed bug bites on your skin is one of the key signs of bed bugs that you cannot ignore. Your skin may become itchy after a bite as the bed bug injects saliva to break down the skin. Bed bug bites usually form in a clustered pattern such as a line or a zigzag formation on the body.

Other skin reactions such as small red bumps or welts with a clear, center that can look like a mosquito bite is also a sign. In severe cases, you may experience swelling and inflammation.

Additionally, you may also experience flu-like symptoms such as headache, fever, nausea and joint and muscle aches. If you suspect that you are being bitten by bed bugs, it is important to inspect your house closely for any signs of bed bug infestation, and to seek medical assistance to get rid of bed bugs when necessary.

2. Dried Bed Bug Eggs

Dried bed bug eggs are an insidious sign of an infestation. The eggs are tiny, about 1 millimeter long, and are white in color. After being laid, the eggs harden and become slightly more yellow in color.

To make matters worse, these eggs can be found in seams and crevices of couches, bed frames, and other furniture. If you find these eggs, you can expect more eggs and potential bed bug bites. If you’re lucky, you may be able to catch the infestation before all the eggs hatch.

But for most people, it’s too late once they start finding dried bed bug eggs, and bed bug bites on their skin. Vacuum, wash, and dry all sheets and furniture to prevent a future infestation, and if you suspect an ongoing one, contact a professional exterminator right away.

3. Musty Smelly Around Your Mattress

One of the strongest signs of bedbugs that you can’t just ignore is a musty smell around your mattress. This smell is caused by the bed bug’s fecal droppings and the other evidence of these pests.

Not only is the smell unpleasant but it is a sure sign that these bugs have taken up residence in your mattress. If you don’t take measures to get rid of the bedbugs, they will continue to reproduce and live in your mattress and probably other furniture in your home.

Explore Everything About Dried Bed Bug Eggs and Beyond

Bed bugs can be difficult to detect, but by watching out for these 3 signs – bed bug bites on your skin, dried bed bug eggs, and musty smelly around your mattress – you can take charge of the problem and protect your home.

Don’t wait to investigate – contact a professional pest control service today to give yourself peace of mind.

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