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Dwayne Johnson's

The wrestler turned actor, Dwayne Johnson is now one of the highest-paid Hollywood actors. His big-name franchises, investments and movie releases is yelling out loud his swelling wealth. The 49-year-old also scored 15th position in Forbes’ list of highest-paid celebrities. If we talk about his current wealth, we can declare that the rock net worth of Dwayne is a whopping sum of $400 million and it just keeps on extending.

Rise & Fame Of Dwayne Johnson aka ‘Rock’

Dwayne Douglas Johnson started his career as a professional wrestler in WWE (or earlier known as WWF – World Wrestling Federation). He started his career in 1996 in WWE following the footsteps of his father, Rocky Johnson.

In 1996, he signed the contract with WWE and appeared on the television show, ‘That 70’s Show’ in 1999. Since then, his switching role as a wrestler and an actor began. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is the first African-American 10-time world champion. He left the WWE to pursue a full-time career in Hollywood in 2004, but he took U-turn in 2011 and stayed in the ring till 2013.

In 2002, the leading role in “The Scorpion King” movie earned him glorifying recognition among worldwide audiences. And the money started rolling in since his 2015 film, “Fast & Furious 7” which earned him approximate $1.5 billion. Another hit was “San Andreas” from the same year, which earned him around $474 million.

Apart from movies and wrestling, Johnson also invested himself in hosting an NBC competition series, “The Titan Games” in 2019, through which he earns $450,000 per episode (reported Variety). Johnson is also paid $700,000 per episode on HBO’s Ballers for his appearance.

Dwayne Johnson Net Worth & Possessions

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock net worth amounts to $400 million and with every passing day, it is soaring high. The actor is not only a talented wrestler but a businessman as well. The Rock and his ex-wife, Dany Garcia own Seven Bucks Production, a company that makes creating content for films, shows, etc. Currently, the company earns a fiscal revenue of millions and is considered his one of the most expensive investments.

Check out his some of the biggest and dearest possessions:

  1. ‘The Rock’ or Dwayne Johnson has recently bought a luxurious mansion at Beverly Park worth almost Rs 208 crore.
  2. Dwayne Johnson owns a customized Pagani Huayra car, worth at least $1 million. He is also behind the steering of Ford F150 and Rolls-Royce Wraith, worth $0.15 million and $0.4 million respectively.
  3. Another colossal investment is his Private Jet Gulfstream G650, which worth almost $65 million. This is one of the fastest private jets in the world and is owned by many popular public figures such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Christiano Ronaldo, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, etc.
  4. The Iron Paradise can be counted as one of his insane health-conscious investments with custom-built equipment to maintain his fitness schedule.
  5. He earns Seven Figures in royalties for his partnership with Under Armour.

Bonus Fact: Dwayne Johnson Net Worth soared up for his $23.5 million income, his highest ever, for “Jumanji: The Next Level” in 2019. And as per the media reports, Dwayne Johnson got paid $13 million for his upcoming movie “Jungle Cruise”, which is more than his co-star Emily Blunt.