Five Ideas to Make Vacation Lake House Rentals Even More Fun

Five Ideas to Make Vacation Lake House Rentals Even More Fun
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Vacation rentals are up 27 percent, according to recent figures published by Key Data, but what could improve vacation rentals even more? The best amenities and accommodations will boost the price people pay and make the vacation rental stand out. 

The best lake house rental ideas include water trampolines, high-end furniture, and custom interiors. This simple guide will get you the most for your vacation rental investment. 

Here are the five best lake house ideas to make your vacation rental shine!

Water Trampolines

Create an instant water park and make your vacation rental stand out when you buy a water trampoline. The best water trampolines for sale will give your guests the ultimate experience. 

Superior engineering and the most rigid materials will ensure your guests a safe experience. Jump, splash, and play all day in the sunshine. The unique construction gives guests hours of fun!

High-End Furniture

Skip the big box store furniture and invest in custom-made, high-end furniture. Find pieces and colors that reflect the lake house. To improve your vacation rental, consider hiring an interior designer to make it magazine worthy.

Hire a cabinet maker to build you a bookcase from an old boat. Take great photos of your furniture, too, as even the experts agree you will increase your rental fees by using professional photos.

High-end furniture is also fun and playful.

Custom Interiors

Lakehouse ideas should include antique pieces and items that reflect the region. For example, shop for old signs or even use old oars as part of the interior.

Shop local resale stores or antique shops. Consider yard and estate sales to save money for your vacation lake house rental decor. 

Use colors like tans, blues, and forest greens to match the landscape for some of the best lake house ideas.

Stock the Kitchen

People with large families may choose to cook all week during their vacation, making it a fun family event. Why not stock the kitchen with the very best gadgets and cookware? Consider a coffee station along with well-made linens.

Give renters a kitchen they won’t find at home. Buy the very best appliances. Add an icemaker and wine fridge. Consider an extra refrigerator for another part of the home to store extra drinks and food.

Your guests might want to buy local food and cook a feast! Give them that opportunity by giving them the best tools.

Games Galore

Rainy days, evenings, and even early mornings are great for games! Stock your vacation rental with board and trivia games – the non-electronic kind! 

Make a game room complete with a pool table and foosball if the space allows. 

Five Ways to Make Vacation Lake House Rentals Even More Fun

Ways to make vacation lake house rentals even more fun include water trampolines, high-end furniture, and custom interiors. Stock the kitchen and give your guests plenty of options for game nights. 

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