How Many Types of Golf Bags Are There?

How Many Types of Golf Bags Are There?
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Are you a golf enthusiast? If so, then you probably are familiar with the sport’s equipment.

One of the fundamental pieces of equipment is bags. Golf bags are crucial in helping you bring all your equipment to the green. Without a golf bag, you’ll be restricted from bringing items to the course.

Golf bags come in many types, so it might be confusing to know which one to get. Below are some of the most common types of golf bags that you might want to know about.

Tour Bags

Tour bags are large and can weigh up to ten pounds, making them heavier than other bags. Many professionals use them, and they are commonly seen items during tours, which is why they are known as “tour bags.”

One factor worth keeping in mind is that because a tour bag can weigh as much as ten pounds, it’s not suitable for walking the course. Carrying an item this heavy can tax any professional golfer if they are the ones who carry it from place to place. Attempting to carry it could result in injury. 

Cart Bags

These bags have multiple features that make them ideal for carrying on a golf cart, such as larger compartments for more storage and a cushioned back support for easy carrying. Cart bags come in various sizes, from mid-size bags that are lightweight and comfortable to carry to full-size bags that have plenty of extra storage for bigger rounds.

Some of the newer designs also include more pockets for extra accessories and are lined with waterproof material to protect the clubs from the elements. Cart bags are perfect for golfers who ride in a golf cart since they have built-in support and straps for easy attachment to the cart.

 Travel Bags

Travel bags provide a safe, organized, and well-protected method of moving golf clubs from place to place. There are different types of golf travel bags on the market, including soft side, hard side, and hybrid golf travel bags.

Soft-side travel bags are lightweight and offer adjustable straps and padding for the clubs. Hard-side travel bags are made from durable molded plastic and feature wheels and straps for easy transportation. 

Sunday Bags

These bags are designed to hold fewer clubs than the best types of golf bags and weigh less. These are lightweight and provide great convenience and portability, storing no more than 6-7 clubs.

They also come with stand legs that can be attached to the bag for your convenience. The cart bags are larger than the other two and come equipped with a standing base built in. 

You may find golf bags here for a variety of options.

Learn More About Types of Golf Bags

Golf bags come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit the needs of different golfers. Whether it’s a lightweight carry bag or a large cart bag, there are enough options from the different types of golf bags to fit your budget and needs. 

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