How to Create a Stunning Look With Used Clothes

How to Create a Stunning Look With Used Clothes
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The second-hand apparel market is exploding at $71,225.6 million in revenue and increasing rapidly.

Who says that the only way to be trendy is to buy new? Some things in life are built to last, including fashion.

Whether looking for someone else’s used clothes or checking out your closet, you can recycle what was once exceptional and make it look even more spectacular. Here’s how.

Mix and Match Fashion Tips

Do you feel like a mouse running on a wheel that only goes around and around but never really goes anywhere? Put those days behind you. You can get a new look and only need to look in your closet.

Combine things in a way that you never did before. Put on a skirt or pants alongside a shirt you never thought to pair up. Take a different belt or necklace, and you will look like a new you.

You can add designer-label shoes to your outfit for only a fraction of the retail price. Check out this fabulous selection of second hand Manolo Blahnik.

Play Closet Boggle

The concept of Boggle is to turn a cube around to find new words by finding the ones you are missing. Do the same with your closet. Move your clothes around so that you see them in a new light.

When you see the same clothing items daily, you may get stuck seeing things down one path. By reorganizing what you have, you can see your style differently.

Layer Your Clothes

This works well, especially in the winter. Grab your thinner garments and layer them. Wear a jumper or a cardigan over a lovely blouse and top it with a trench coat.

A hat and a scarf make a perfect accent and fashion statement.

Add a Little Color

Many people have black shoes in their fashion inventory. You could spray paint over your black shoes if you want to wear something new. You can make them any color you want, and the pair you have will be truly unique.

Metallic spray paint works well. Try bronze or pewter. Purples look gorgeous too.

Think Unconventionally

You don’t need to follow what a fashion label puts in a magazine ad to look amazing. Designer clothing can be matched any way you like it.

Try wearing a stylish dress over a pair of skinny jeans. Another brilliant idea is to take a T-shirt and jeans and add an old blazer you have. 

A New Look For Used Clothes

Whether you mix and match, play Boggle, add some spray paint, or think outside the box, used clothes can always be repurposed to look new again. You are creative with your fashion anyway, so this will be easy for a trendsetter like you.

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