How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau
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Did you know that 42% of Americans are living with obesity? That is a very high number, and we need to work to reverse it over time. When you are working to lose weight, hitting a plateau can be frustrating.

We want to help you out. We’ve gathered up a few tips on how to overcome the weight loss plateau and keep going!

Not losing weight? Keep reading to learn how to overcome a plateau.

Increase the Intensity of Your Workout

If you can’t lose weight no matter how much you try, then it is time to increase the intensity of your workout. Start by pushing yourself a bit further than your normal routine.

You can do this by increasing the duration of your workout. Also, using heavier weights or increasing the speed of your exercises will help.

You can also mix in higher-intensity interval training days where you complete short bursts of high-intensity exercise interspersed with rest periods. This can help you boost your metabolism, forcing your body to work harder and burn more calories.

Eating a Balance of Macronutrients

When trying to overcome a weight loss plateau, is to ensure that you are consuming balanced macronutrients – meaning proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Start by understanding your current intake of each, so that you can make necessary changes that will optimize your diet for weight loss.

You can do this either through counting your macros or using a tracking app, as this will help pinpoint any areas in which you may not be getting enough. Once you have a better understanding, aim to increase your protein intake to build muscle mass and get the right amount of carbs for energy and healthy fats for health benefits and satiety. If you want to improve your health outcomes, you can visit Wholistic Matters for more information. 

Getting Enough Sleep

One tactic to overcome the weight loss plateau is to get adequate and regular sleep. Sleep deprivation can result in hormonal imbalances that slow the metabolism.

Additionally, when sleep is a priority, less time is spent engaging in unhealthy activities. Research suggests sufficient sleep should range from seven to nine hours per night for adults. Prioritizing sleep means pushing back activities such as binge-watching shows and video games until one can prioritize their health and wellness.

Take a Break

Taking a break can be a great way to overcome a weight loss plateau. During a break, it’s essential to maintain healthy eating habits while taking a break from intense workouts. This allows the body time to adjust to the new weight and promotes improved metabolic responses. 

Drinking More Water

Drinking more water is an effective way to try and overcome if you suffer from weight loss stuck. Studies have shown that increasing your water intake speed up your metabolism. 

It can also lessen cravings for harmful meals and hunger. Furthermore, it can help the body filter out toxins, boost energy, and support feelings of fullness for longer. 

Use This Guide to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

To summarize, overcoming a weight loss plateau requires an increase in the intensity of your workout. It also requires reducing calorie intake, getting enough sleep, taking a break, and drinking more water.

By following this guide, you can break through the plateau and continue your journey toward your ideal weight. Don’t be discouraged by the plateau. Take action today and start focussing on these simple steps to keep progressing and reach the weight loss journey!

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