How to Start Organizing a Messy House

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Is your house a complete mess?

If you’re staring at a mess and wondering how to start organizing a messy house, you’re not alone. It’s a task that many of us avoid or delay.

The good news is that you can return to enjoying your space in a shorter time than you think. With the right plan, you can tackle one easy task at a time and finish in time.

Start with these decluttering tips to help you organize your space. Read on to learn more!

Determine What You Want

Take a moment to envision how the space will look when it’s clean and tidy, down to the details. Think about what type of décor you want, if you plan on adding any storage solutions, or how often you want to clean.

Get creative and consider what other space-saving tricks you can use. It’s essential to have an idea of the result in mind to know what direction to go when organizing. Make sure that your goal is realistic and tailored to your preferences.

If you are not sure what you want, experts from or other reputable sites can help you get guided. Otherwise, you might also want to hire their services.

Develop a Strategy

Developing a strategy starts with breaking down the process into smaller chunks. Begin by outlining the rooms or specific areas that need organizing, whether it be bedrooms, closets, the kitchen, or a living space.

Determine how long you’re willing to set aside to focus on each area, such as 30 minutes per room. Then, list tasks you will need to complete, ranging from cleaning a house out and sorting items to donating or discarding them.

Designate a Specific Spot

Dedicate a spot for everyday items like keys, wallets, and sunglasses. This stops clutter from piling up as you enter and exit the home daily. Then, work on organizing the messiest areas first – consider designating a spot for dog collars, jackets, and shoes.

Using the same approach, designate a spot for documents and bills. Once everything has its place, it’s easier to create a cleaning routine that helps maintain the work you’ve put into organizing.

Whenever something doesn’t have its spot, put it back in the designated area – make sure any spare stuff only piles up in random places. Establishing a specific location will make the organization simpler in the long run.

Label Containers

This will help you to identify what belongs where and create a central place for items. Label each container with stickers and describe what things you should put inside.

You can determine where you should place items as you pick up items. This removes any guesswork and provides visual reminders of what belongs where.

Labeling containers also serves to identify what’s inside, even if the container is not in use. It helps sort items in the same room and many rooms. Labeling containers is an excellent starting point for organizing a messy house.

Knowing How to Start Organizing a Messy House

Organizing your messy house can be daunting, but following these steps can be easy and fun. Take the time to declutter, contain, label, and designate each area to make it easier for others.

These smart tips on how to start organizing a messy house should help you stay organized and bring a sense of order to your home. So don’t wait any longer; start organizing today!

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