Is your air conditioner making too much noise? Here is how to fix it

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All of us have had days where our air conditioners, be it in the home or our office space, keep making weird noises after a certain time. We try to avoid the noise in the first few days, but slowly the noise gets in our head and neither let us work during the day nor allow us to sleep during the night.

This constant, dreary disturbance of the air conditioner ends up driving us insane. If you have been in a similar situation recently during the pandemic while working from home, it can be extremely frustrating. In situations like this, a lot of try to take our problem to the air conditioning companies, while some try to solve it on their own. 

In seeking the solution to this constant mind numbing noise coming from the air conditioning installation, we sometimes end up getting no help from anywhere, neither from the air conditioning companies nor the people around this. This is where the below listed tips are going to come handy for you when you are stuck in a place with a noisy air conditioning installation next time.   

Getting to the bottom of the noise

You must try solving the problem at hand by first trying to understand the different kinds of issues that could be causing your commercial / domestic air conditioning installation to make noises while working. Begin by listening closely to what the noise sounds like and where it is coming from. Once that’s done, you can find the air conditioning noise from the list given below and understand the possible root of the problem and what to do in order to solve it. 

Whining and whistling noises

A whistling and whining noise from the air conditioning unit can be quite frightening at times, also it can be extremely distracting when you are trying to do some work or get some rest. But this noise has a very simple problem behind it, which is, that your domestic / commercial air conditioning installation has problems relating to air pressure and air flow. This means there are either ducts that are leaking, or filters that have been clogged, or a poor ventilation design. 

When you are trying to fix problems relating to air flow and air pressure, it often requires a bit of guesswork. The solutions often are quite simple. You can try fixing this problem by repairing the ducts or simply adjusting the fan motors. So it is all about rectifying and taking control of the flow of air. This is something technicians from air conditioning companies are experienced to fix. 

Squeaky noises

The squeaking and squealing noises from the air conditioning units can often mean that your unit commercial / domestic air conditioning installation has maintenance issues and needs servicing. This can happen if the motor shaft bearings in the unit need a bit of oiling. This issue can be easily prevented if you get your air conditioning installation serviced regularly. These parts of the unit need oiling regularly in order for the entire unit to work efficiently, without being too noisy.

Sometimes this can happen because of the belt that drives the blower motor if it slips, or is a bit loose, or just simply worn out and needs to be replaced with a new belt instead. If you regularly get your domestic / commercial air conditioning installation serviced, this problem would come up and solved immediately then. 

Rattling noises

In case of rattling noises originating from the air conditioning unit, it’s probably because the bearings in the fan motor are worn out or the fan motor blades have been damaged for some reason. Another reason for this could be a loose duct somewhere or an object clanking against the ducts. For a problem like this, it is better if you take help from a technician from the air conditioning companies rather than trying to solve it on your own. 

Really loud air conditioner

If your unit has always made loud noises, then probably you have bought the wrong air conditioner. This can happen if there is no noise reduction technology in the unit, a lot of low-cost air conditioners often lack that feature. But there are still some changes that you can do to fix this:

  • Buy only the best air conditioning units.
  • Install the air conditioner away from where you sit or sleep. 
  • Install it in a room where you wouldn’t mind these kinds of noises.
  • Make use of air duct returns. Air return louvers are said to move air from room to room. 

When a noisy air conditioning unit keeps running constantly, it can be very problematic after a certain point. If your air conditioner doesn’t seem to turn off or is turning on and off incessantly, there can be several problems due to this:

  • With a noisy, constantly running air conditioner, your electricity bill is just going up. 
  • If this constant running of the unit is taking a toll on your mind and peace, just think what it’s doing to the air conditioning unit. 
  • If you have a noisy air conditioner that shows sign of poor functioning, it means that something is going to go wrong very soon, or has already gone wrong and the unit is just pushing through. 

Don’t let this affect your peace

There are some issues when it comes to air conditioning units that can be solved by looking up the answers online somewhere or someone guiding you on the phone, but there are often issues that are handled better by the technicians. 

Not having peace and quiet is one of the many costs that you suffer through for not getting your air conditioning installation repaired or serviced on a regular basis. If you are the kind of person who can do a bit of servicing regularly then you must do it, but if not, it’s better you get in touch with a technician for a regular service and check-up of your domestic or commercial air conditioning installation.

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