Flip Flops- The Coolest Trend

Are you thinking about wearing flip flops? Well, with the rising temperature, no one can blame you for wanting a little ventilation on your feet. In contemporary fashion, women’s flip-flops saw more evolution with designs and colors. However, flip-flops for men took a while to reach the next level of style evolution. And today, these are the hottest trends in footwear fashion.

Versatile, functional, colorful, and always high on style, flip-flops are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. They complete the ultimate casual look while keeping your feet relaxed and comfortable, especially in tropical weather. They provide outstanding comfort when worn at a beach, by the pool, or at home. Flip-flop is very easy to wear and offer the best of ultra comfort and exceptional walking experience.

The general opinion is that flip-flops are not as durable as sandals, and you can’t wear them outdoors. But these are highly durable footwear made from the most comfortable materials.

You will avoid looking like a local yoga instructor or a frat boy throwing frisbees with the right outfit. Here is how you can wear them confidently for the best results.

  1. Always take care of your feet.

If you want to wear flip-flops and expose your feet, make sure they are well cared for. Indeed, if your toenails are too long, you will get a lot of backlash for wearing flip-flops.

Yes, it might not be a manly thing to do, but a pedicure is always good for you. If you are not comfortable going for a pedicure, you should clean your feet properly on your own.

  • Don’t wear your flip-flop to the office.

Regardless of how stylish you assumeyou might think you look, or how luxurious your flip-flops look, you should never wear them in the office.

You should respect your coworkers and their personal space. Flip-flops should always be worn outside and in a less professional environment.

You need to follow these rules regardless of anything. Note that the sign of feet in a professional environment elicits a Pavlovian reaction.

It makes people smell something terrible even when there is nothing wrong. Unless you are working on the beach, you are never allowed to wear your flip-flops.

  • Buy high-quality Flip-flops

If you are buying mens flip flops, make sure they are of high quality. You need to step-up your game if you wear flip-flops in public. You need to get a pair of flip-flops that can survive a few hours on the streets rather than just getting the newspaper in the morning.

Whatever you choose, make sure they are sturdy, stylish, and affordable. Pair them up with the latest t-shirt design for the best look.

  • Wear them with socks

You are worried that your feet are looking a bit torn up? Or do you want to wear your flip-flop yet it is too cold outside?

Well, there is a solution to both of these issues. Most people assume that wearing sandals with socks is a cardinal sin. Of course, you can always break the rule, but you need to do it right.

If you make the right flip-flops and socks combination, you will make everyone change their minds. For instance, you should pair Coloured flip-flops with Bewakoof’s knit socks.

You can also try Faire isle weave to bring a pop to your outfit. If you have patterned flip-flops, you can always try solid colored socks for contrast.

  • Roll up the pants when wearing Flip-Flops

Many people wear flip-flops in the hot months to get some proper ventilation in the feet. It feels good when there is some wind in your toes.

If you want to get a lot of fresh air, you should roll up your pants above the ankles and pull off a good pin roll. You should pinch your inseam and fold it in.

Next, you should cuff your pants at least once and look neat when wearing your flip-flops. It is a staple summer look that will gain you more style points.

  • Wear a suit with Men’s Flip-Flops

Of course, you can pull off a three-piece suit with flip-flops since they are casual footwear. It is an excellent way to class up your look smartly, and people will take you a bit seriously. You can try a blue blazer with white trousers and flip-flops for the ultimate look.

It would be best if you also tried flat front shorts, seersucker, or linen blazer with these casual flip-flops for a good look. If it is muggy weather, you need to make sure your skin has proper ventilation. With these fantastic tips, you can pull off the casual and semi-casual look effortlessly. Indeed, you are not going to get any backlash for wearing flip-flops with these excellent dressing tips

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