What Is the Most Common Watch Battery Size? A Buyer’s Guide

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Nothing makes a better first impression than a great watch. Buying a new watch can be increasingly difficult with the endless selection of styles and features today. For some, one of the hardest decisions in buying a new watch is deciphering the types of watch batteries to replace when needed.

There are many different sizes of watch batteries. You must know the watch’s battery size before buying a watch or having it serviced.

Keep reading below to learn all about the most common watch battery size and which one your watch may use.

SR626SW / 377

This is a common watch battery size, often called a “button cell.” It is often found in small to medium-sized analog quartz watches, including many classic wristwatches.

The SR626SW, also called the 377, is a stable and reliable power source that keeps time correct for a long time. It is a popular choice for watchmakers and repair shops because it is small and easy to get.

SR621SW / 364

The SR621SW, also called the 364, is a button-cell watch battery often used. It is a bit smaller than the SR626SW. It is often found in smaller watches, like quartz traditional and digital watches.

Because of its size, it can be made into a watch with a smaller face, making it perfect for sleek and stylish designs. Also, because it is small, it is also used in some medical devices and small computer items.

SR920SW / 371

The SR920SW, also called the 371, is a button-cell watch battery with a size in the middle. It is often used in analog watches with slightly bigger cases.

It has the right amount of power and doesn’t take up too much room, so it can be used for easy and more complicated timekeeping tasks. This size of the battery is used in some computers, remote controls, and hearing aids, showing that it can be used for more than just wristwatches.

SR927SW / 395

The SR927SW, or 395, is a larger button cell battery commonly used in bigger wristwatches and specialized timepieces that require additional power. These include watches with chronographs or watches with multiple hands and dials. The larger size allows for an increased energy capacity, ensuring that the watch can function optimally for an extended period before needing a replacement.


Although not as prevalent in traditional wristwatches, the CR2032 is worth mentioning due to its widespread use in various electronic devices. This coin cell battery is commonly found in digital watches, fitness trackers, key fobs, calculators, and computer motherboards.

It offers a higher capacity and is known for its long-lasting performance in low-drain devices, making it an excellent choice for electronic gadgets that require intermittent, efficient power consumption.

If you need a replacement for your CR2032 battery or other types, you can buy different replacement watch batteries here to ensure your devices continue running smoothly with long-lasting performance in low-drain gadgets.

Revealing the Most Common Watch Battery Size

Overall, watch battery sizes will vary depending on the size and type. The most common watch battery size is the 377 or SR626SW. Before replacing a watch battery, buyers should know their watch size and the exact battery type required.

If you need help finding the best watch battery size, then speak to a professional at your local jewelry store for more assistance.

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