What Questions You Must Ask When Hiring Custom Home Builders?

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Have you decided to build a home for your growing family? Congratulations on your decision! You must be thrilled and can’t wait to see your dream transforming into reality. But, have you contacted a home builder yet? Unless you contact a reliable professional, you will be far from realizing your dream and ensuring the success of your new construction project. With that being said, we know finding the right builder can be a daunting task, given innumerable options floating on the internet today. However, honestly speaking, you need to do more than searching for some handful of custom home builders online. If you want to choose the right guide for this journey, you must not ignore the significance of interviewing your potential builder. That is going to be a good way of confirming his expertise, sincerity, and transparency. So, in this blog, we tell you the top questions to ask before hiring a home builder.

What Questions to Ask while Interviewing Your Potential Home Builder?

What about your experience in this industry? 

Building a custom home is nothing like building a home of cards. As a result, you can never take a chance by hiring a rookie contractor. For such an ambitious project, you should only hire an experienced builder and not settle for anything mediocre. Hence, you must open up and feel free to ask about the builder’s experience and expertise. If you are impressed with the professional portfolio, you can go on to the next step of negotiation. Otherwise, you may start looking for professionals with greater experience in building custom build homes.

Are you licensed? 

When you hire a licensed builder, you can stay assured of the fact that all the construction guidelines set by the state and federal governments are being met diligently. A licensed professional remains accountable to you and ensures timely and successful completion of your custom home building project. Apart from the license, you should also enquire whether or not the builder is insured. That way you will not be held responsible in case a labor gets injured while working on your property site. So, hiring a licensed and insured worker is mandatory and there’s no way around it at all.

Can you give me a list of references?

Remember, an experienced and confident professional will never avoid sharing a list of references with his prospective clients. Plus, when you are interviewing the previous clients of your potential contractor, you should ask straightforward questions and be prepared for honest answers. Ask questions like – Were you happy with their services? Would you hire the builder again? Were you satisfied with his business practices? And if your builder is skipping the talk of sharing the reference list, we suggest you see it as a red flag and look for other options. 

Will you offer a daily on-site visit?

Well, offering on-site visits is one of the job responsibilities of custom builders because they ensure construction quality control and maximize construction service experience. Ideally, the home builder should visit the site every day to make sure that the project is progressing as per the schedule and remains on the right track. It does not end here, for the builders must also remain responsible for sharing all the project-related updates with you. So, talk to the contractor to understand what exactly you should expect of him.

Can you help me arrange finances?

Do you need loans for financing your custom home construction project? If yes, then you should hire a builder that can help in arranging finances for your new building. You should ask your prospective contractor if he is offering such a service feature or not to avoid having any kind of confusion later on. The major perk of hiring an experienced builder is that he can also help you arrange documents required for structuring construction loans, mortgage loan, and land loan. 

Do you offer a guarantee of your work?

A reliable home builder will never leave you in cold and will continue covering you with its guarantee services even after the completion of the project. Most home builders offer time-specific warranties on the structure, electrical & mechanical equipment, and cosmetic items of custom homes. Remember, you must never hire a builder that cannot offer a guarantee on his/her work. You must discuss this factor with your contractor and then decide if you would like to negotiate with the expert further or not. 

Conclusion – This list is not exhaustive and consists of some major questions you might want to ask a potential contractor before hiring him for your project. Apart from these, you can also ask about payment schedules, work schedules, pulling permits, and so on. Let us save them for our next discussion. All you need to understand is having an open conversation with your builder can help you make the right decisions and get the maximum returns on your home project. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare your questionnaire to choose the best guide for your custom home building journey. 

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