Simple Tips On How To Use Prayer Beads

Muslim people from all over the world have different beliefs regarding how to use prayer beads for Muslim rituals. The essential thing is that they must believe in God and follow the guidance of the holy texts. These books are known as the ‘kaafirs’ and they come from Arabic, Persian, and other Islamic countries. Many […]


All About Beautiful Tasbih Beads

Tasbih, Arabic for “pleasure”, is a type of jewelry that originates from the Berber language in Morocco. It is worn by Muslim women in addition to non-Muslim women all over the world. Islamic law requires modesty and tasbih is often considered to be Islamic virtue. The word tasbih translates into “pleasure” in Farsi and means” […]


Muslim Prayer Tasbeeh at Your Fingertips

Prayer beads, Islamic tasbih, Islamic headgear, and other Islamic gifts are available online. You can choose from a huge variety of these Islamic items. You can even order them in different styles, designs, and shapes to suit your individual style. Here are some great tips on how to shop for these beautiful Islamic decorative items: […]


Where to Get Traditional Islamic Tasbeeh Beads

Prayer Beads Collection of gemstones Using prayer beads Different types of tasbeeh beads   Tasbih Prayer Beads is a collection of main gemstones, with the primary goal of helping the practitioner to concentrate on the Qur’an while adorning his or her body. These beads come in a wide array of natural colors, including red, green, […]