6 YouTube Strategies for E-commerce

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Why is it so important to work on the best youtube strategies for e-commerce? And what are the really useful solutions for selling? Here’s everything you need to know to address a central topic for monetizing online.

Working on YouTube strategies for e-commerce today is essential. It is not just an alternative and secondary decision to others. Because the web is visual, purchases move on social media, and decisions are made through basic principles. Like, for example, the one that allows you to shorten the distance between digital e-commerce and a real store.

We know that there is a point to be solved: the digital shop allows you to infinitely expand the potential even of the small entrepreneur. With refined technique and a good team, you can reach people everywhere.

But nothing can solve the gap between a web page and a material product. In this case, you touch it, you feel its weight. You can also smell it (if you buy cheese or a bottle of wine it works like this) to evaluate its quality.

On e-commerce, this cannot happen, for now. But some conditions allow you to limit the damage. Such as, for example, the use of photos of higher quality and with different angles.

Without forgetting the clips with the fusion of images and sounds, movements, and colors. This is why it is important to operate in terms of YouTube e-commerce strategies. What to know on this point? Let’s start from the base.

Why have YouTube strategies

Before understanding how to create good video advertising, promotion, and content marketing activities, it is right to address a couple of essential points to carefully define the next steps of your promotional activity.

YouTube is central

You can post videos anywhere, on Facebook or Instagram. And it is right to consider these realities as well. But we know this: YouTube is one of the most used, widespread, and developed platforms on the web.

Why focus on YouTube e-commerce strategies?

Not me saying it but the research of We Are Social 2020 in collaboration with Hootsuite. The results are clear: there is a great deal of attention to the YouTube universe, it is the second most used social platform on the web after Facebook and continues to grow at an impressive pace. Impossible to think of a video presence without considering this universe.

All this with a central point: YouTube is not just a tool to promote your brand. The brand is an identification symbol, trademark, logo, name, word, and/or phrase that companies use to distinguish their product from others. A combination …and indirectly bring advantages to the shop. On this platform, you can create an online store.

“The world’s largest video site recently started asking creators to use YouTube software to tag and track products featured in their clips. The data will then be linked to analytics and shopping tools from parent Google (…). The company is also testing a new integration with Shopify Inc. for selling items through YouTube “.


I correct myself: you can. In the sense that for now this solution is intended for a small number of users and seems limited to those who use Shopify. But it is certainly a solution to keep in mind: shortly it will be possible to sell directly from YouTube. Isn’t this idea great?

People love videos

Do we need to remember it? Maybe not, but citing the already known research by We Are Social we can reach a second solution: most of the content enjoyed on the web has the format that is uploaded to YouTube.

YouTube e-commerce strategies should work.

That is to say that of the video, a combination of images and sounds can now fill the media diet of the population with the greatest possible simplicity. And also with great pervasiveness. Videos are everywhere

And they no longer represent a format intended only for the desktop or for those with good network coverage: quality of connections, diffusion of devices with screens increasingly suitable for this use and widespread penetration of the mobile now gives the possibility to video to become a decisive tool. for the future. And for your sales strategy.

6 YouTube strategies for e-commerce

Now one point is clear: video and YouTube are two needs for those who want to gain online visibility and this also applies to e-commerce. Indeed, especially for these projects because those who sell online are always chasing traffic. So what are the best YouTube e-commerce strategies? Here are some virtuous examples to list.

Enrich the cards with demonstration videos

This is one of the best solutions to take advantage of the strength of YouTube: upload the video to the platform and then use this contribution to attract traffic from more points if you do a good optimization SEO.

You can embed the video in the e-commerce tab and use this content to give more information to users. Those who browse your online store want to know how to use your product, what a certain function is for, how a specific action takes place.

YouTube Ecommerce Strategies: Bellroy.

Do you think you can explain all this with text? It is not always the best solution, better to use a more immediate, simple, and intuitive media. Just like the video you uploaded to the YouTube profile.

Work on YouTube descriptions and comments

Publishing a video on this platform does not only mean being able to use the content to integrate web pages. There is life on this social network that needs to be lived and optimized. It is part of your work as a community manager which also includes the valuable activities of:

  • Comment moderation.
  • Inserting useful answers.
  • Suggest any products.
  • Solve problems and diatribes.
  • Banning those who do not behave well.

Markets are conversations (Cluetrain Manifesto) and this also applies to YouTube. Then, when uploading the video, you must also take care of the description to suggest the right links to drive traffic to the website. In short, there is work to be done to optimize these steps.

Use YouTube to define values

Did you know that you can take advantage of YouTube visibility to shape your brand? And you can also do it using virtuous collaborations. Not necessarily that of the great testimonials, even micro-influencers work.

See how HM moves: use YouTube to give a voice to sustainability and how it sees the future of the brand. You don’t post videos just to sell. Or rather, there are also broader and more virtuous visions.

Answer customer questions with videos

Among the best YouTube strategies for e-commerce. Are there any problems that cannot be solved without a good explanation? Use the video to get all the clarity you need: put people first, those who allow your brand to develop value.

If you sell a product you are certainly able to explain how it works and solve all problems. For example, do you sell watches and receive hundreds of emails a day asking about how to change the battery or how to clean the band? Don’t reply to everyone with a long list of points – post a video on YouTube. So you intercept traffic.

In addition, you save a lot of time and avoid answering every single question: just copy and paste the URL.URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Colloquially called a web address, it is a reference to a web resource such as a site, page, or file …YouTube and you solved. YouTube e-commerce strategies are aimed at this too.

Implement blogging and newsletters

You have created a virtuous YouTube channel and now you have a goal: to add a good amount of content to bring it to the fore.

I’d say follow the editorial calendar you’ve already set up for your blog (short for “weblog”) is an “online newspaper”, or informational website, which displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest …company, and for the newsletter. By activating a virtuous collaboration process you can publish a YouTube video, which addresses the issues of the blog and create a synergy between written and visual content.

Everything can be supplemented by sending via the newsletter. You don’t have to work harder but you need to design a useful content marketing flow.

Publish videos to increase SEO traffic

How to do on-page SEO for e-commerce? You can optimize the title tag. Then there is the meta description that makes the difference. Have you reduced the weight of the images and added the alt tag? Perfect, you are well underway. But you can do more.

Video and SEO positioning.

For example, you can earn traffic by placing website pages in the video section. Here are the YouTube strategies for e-commerce that work: study the research of the audience, create some visual content and upload it first on this social platform and then on the cards.

This step will help you to earn good positions even in searches carried out in the Google video section (image above). This is one of the most interesting YouTube e-commerce strategies.

Alternatives to YouTube presence?

Exist? In theory yes, in practice I would say no. Of course, you can consider Vimeo, which at times becomes attractive thanks to the elegance of some finishes and an aura that is always a bit detached, professional.

YouTube strategies for e-commerce: better Vimeo?

But it’s completely out of anything that brings your work visibility on YouTube. The results on the search engine almost completely ignore Vimeo and the available features are reduced if we compare with YouTube.

Then there would be the idea of ​​focusing on social media marketing of videos. Facebook has high regard for this format and on Instagram, you can get great results thanks to stories and IGTV.

But YouTube’s e-commerce strategies are more. All this is important to create visibility on the different platforms, to date, the Google platform is the only one that offers a service capable of living in its ecosystem and creating value even outside its circle.

Becoming both an advertising tool (for example with the influencer. An influencer is anyone who has the power to influence the purchasing decisions of others due to his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with…marketing) and pure information. All this in favor of a great way of inbound marketing which is a strong point for your brand.

How are you working to sell?

Have you decided what your YouTube e-commerce strategies will be? Will you focus on other sectors? Whether they are intended for social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, or perhaps the corporate insurance blog and the native advertising. Advertising (abbreviated ADV) means advertising, it is a paid message that a company sends to inform or influence the people who receive it. I advise you to watch YouTube carefully.

It’s not just about social sharing but SEO as well. And the authority of the brand. E-commerce with YouTube alongside is powerful, credible, suitable for the challenges of digital marketing. Digital Marketing is the component of marketing that uses the internet and online digital technologies to analyze the market, develop strategies, and put them into …contemporary. Do you agree with these points of reflection?

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