How Can a Wikipedia Page Help SEO: Word from a Top SEO Agency in India

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With all the focus directed towards social media, Google My Business, and local pack listings – Wikipedia pages – an important aspect to boost a company’s online presence often gets lost. But take it from a top SEO agency in India, having a Wiki page is worth exploring when it comes to improving SEO results. 

Wondering what the benefits are? Hold on, we will discuss all about it. We will also point out how to create a Wikipedia presence. Let’s dive in then.

Benefits of Having a Wikipedia Presence
Let us first tell you, SEO raking plays an important role in corporate identity design, and so does Wikipedia presence. Wikipedia’s reputation for delivering easy to access information is not any news. As the edit controls are getting stricter, reliability of Wiki info is reaching to the peak. In such a scenario, looking up for business information on Wikipedia is only logical for your audience. And as you know, information from a third-party source is more credible to people than the company’s promotional content. This is why even PPC management services provider recommend focusing on SEO efforts once a business gains initial brand visibility and awareness.

Anyway, coming back to the point, other than conferring a company’s credibility to the target audience, search engines, too get impressed by the quality backlinks from Wikipedia. And as the fifth most visited website in the world, Wikipedia receives a massive amount of traffic and backlinks. Though the links from Wikipedia are usually nofollow ones, these still look impressive in a backlink profile. These also have the potential to drive a significant amount of qualified traffic to your company website. 

Wikipedia also helps in boosting a website’s brand visibility. The information pulled from Wikipedia is presented in the featured snippets and knowledge panels. Therefore, having a Wiki page can greatly impact brand awareness.

  • How to Create a Wikipedia Presence 

Okay, so you are convinced to have a Wiki presence, but how do you get one? Relax, we’ll walk you through it. Keep reading. 

  • Set the Ground 

New pages on Wiki need to satisfy some strict criteria to avoid getting deleted. The first step to that is to create credibility so as to deserve its own page. Make sure to have at least 6-7 independent or third-party references that elaborate the company details. Industry or trade website articles, magazine features – anything will work. Just ensure that these are not fleeting mentions. 

  • Don’t be Overly Promotional 

Wikipedia doesn’t allow too much promotional content. Also, Wikipedia guidelines mention that you should maintain a formal tone without using too many jargons, colloquialisms, or slangs. Maintain a business-like tone in your content and you are good to go. 

  • Enhance an Existing Page 

If you already have a presence on Wikipedia, you need not create a new one just because it’s 10 years old. You need to modify it though so as to ensure that the information pulled to the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is accurate and useful. Also, age-old pages are often stubs (extremely short pages with nominal info), especially those of the small and mid-range businesses. Therefore, pay attention to improve the page real good.

Going forward, you must regularly monitor the page and edit if required so as to remove outdated or inaccurate info on the page.


As you can understand, there’s no set and forget rule in your Wikipedia page. Once you have created a presence on Wiki, you need to monitor and modify it from time to time. After all, it will greatly impact your website’s SEO performance. So this little effort is only acceptable, isn’t it? 

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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