How Do CCell Cartridges Work?

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With growing technologies, everything is changing. Today we are here with new Cartridge technology. New technology means cartridges that provide you with better flavor, a better experience, and a powerful experience.

Why CCell Cartridges?

Old vaping techniques use the cloth wick to absorb the oil which later burns to create a burnt taste that spoils the high-quality oil. Not exactly this, cloth wick is not able to absorb thicker oil.

Technologies developed in the field of marijuana, and highly efficient devices are now in the market. CCell is one of them. CCell replaced wick clothes and marked its position in the market due to its quality to create a top-quality oil. Benefits of using CCell are:

  • Powerful effects
  • Pure and robust flavor
  • Works on the first draw
  • Consistent performance

How does CCell Work?

Unlike conventional cartridges, the cotton wick is replaced with ceramic in the traditional cartridges. This technique is known as CCell which puts C in CCell. There are two reasons why wick is replaced by ceramic.

Firstly, ceramic can withstand the high temperature to vaporize the cannabis oil without changing the flavor of cannabis oil.

Secondly, Ceramic is porous in nature. CCell design achieves permeability of viscous cannabis oil throughout the process, which helps to provide even heat to provide consistent next-level vaping.

CCell creates a bubble while heating. This bubble creates breathing room for the oil. The breathing room provides proper pressure to allow a continual flow of distillate into the cell.

In addition, CCell cartridges work with a power supply which again saves time and hard work to work with temperature. There are different CCell till now based on capacity and requirement. Below we are discussing 3 best CCell which are best in the market today:

  • Colorful Ceramic CCell Cartridge 1ml
  • Wood Tip CCell Ceramic Wick-less Cartridges 1ml
  • G5 Wick-less CCell Ceramic Cartridges 1ml

These Ceramic CCell Cartridges are semi-porous in nature ensuring continuous fluid saturation and reliability. The Ceramic coil is covered with a layer of cotton to protect leakage issues and ensure complete saturation before vaping.

These are built by keeping in mind the thicker and higher viscosity oils.

Bottom Line

CCell gives the best vapor production with low oil leaks, hands down, and fewer defect rates. They beat the quality and efficiency of other atomizers in the market. The best thing is you don’t have to waste your time priming the pump and waiting for the cart to warm up. CCell-driven Vape is smart enough to start strongly from the beginning.

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