How To Get Great Deals On Flights To India?

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As the world has started to open again and many countries have already started welcoming the foreign travelers and tourists, India has also opened its borders for international travelers and flights to India have been resumed. Though flights to India from USA are limited in numbers, you can find lots of good deals and great offers. So book international flights from USA to India today and avail the holiday season discount.

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Booking cheap flights to India from USA during the Holiday season is a tedious task and you need a little knowledge about airlines and their policies. Sometimes booking a flight ticket is such an onerous task that many seasonal travelers have made bookings paying extra to avoid the hassle.

Here in this article we will discuss the tips and tricks that might be helpful to book flights to India with ease and comfort.

  • Book Early
  • Use Miles Points
  • Look for alternate routes
  • Book Non-Refundable Tickets
  • Budget Airlines Can Be Useful
  • Do Comparison on various sites

Book Early

It is always a good idea to book your tickets well in advance. Making an early booking can give you some exciting deals and offers. If you book flights to India in June or July for the month of November or December, you might get lots of discounts as there are plenty of options available along and there are very few travelers who book tickets in advance. As you get nearing your travel date the ticket prices start going higher and the airline options also get narrowed down and eventually ticket prices are hiked.

Use Mile Points

When you try to book tickets, then look for Mile Points or Reward Point discounts offered by airlines and credit card companies. When you shop or spend using your cards, you will earn some reward points and travel miles that can get you some discounts and freebies on your travel expenses.

The loyalty programs by various card providers are often helpful to get some great deals. For example, for every $1 spent you may get two travel miles and these travel miles will be beneficial for you in your future travel bookings.

Look for alternate routes

Often it has been observed that direct flights to India are costlier than the indirect flights. For example, if you book direct flights to India from USA then you might have to shell out some extra money but if you book a flight with an alternate route or an indirect flight then it can help you save some money. There are many premier airlines that have indirect routes to fly. Though it takes little extra time than the regular still these flights are affordable and comfortable with all the amenities.

Book Non-Refundable Tickets

Have you ever noticed that Refundable tickets are costlier than the non-refundable tickets. If you have planned your vacations or aa family reunion or just a regular getaway, you must have thoroughly discussed it and only after that you have made your decision, then you can choose to book refundable tickets to India rather than going with a non-refundable ticket which is relatively expensive than a refundable ticket. Airlines often have reserved prices for non-refundable tickets whereas the refundable ticket prices are floating and might change according to various factors and circumstances.

Budget Airlines Can Be Useful

It’s a well-known fact that ticket prices of various airlines are different from each other depending upon the facilities and amenities provided by them. A premier airline’s ticket is way too costly in comparison to a budget airline. Premium airlines provide a plethora of on-board and off-board services. On the other hand, a budget airline has very limited services and to avail any add-on facility, travelers need to pay additional charges.

Do Comparison on various sites

Before booking a flight, it’s a good practice to browse various airlines’ and travel agencies’ websites to get an idea of ticket prices and do the comparative analysis. Sometimes various travel websites have ongoing promotional activities which might help you to get a better deal and you might get great discounts and offers on your flights to India. It is advisable to always cross check these promotions as sometimes these lucrative deals are part of online phishing scams. So while using the internet and making any online transaction, be extra careful and cautious to avoid being a victim of such scams.

So these are some of the tips and tricks that can be helpful while booking flights to India from USA. You can try and use these and you might avail some good discounts as well.

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