How to Upgrade to GA4 in Google Analytics?

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Google Apps+Web has a new name called Google Analytics 4 or GA4. In late 2020, Google announced the name, and since then, there has been chaos in the online world. SEO services experts are making various claims that you need to shift to the new face of Google Analytics fast, or you can risk losing all your data. Added to this, there is a lot of confusion in the digital community about GA4. Typical questions are –   what is GA4 all about and how to upgrade from Google Analytics to Google Analytics 4. Google, for one, has continuously been asking its Analytics users to move to GA4 fast. 

This post here will understand what GA4 is all about and how to upgrade to the new Analytics.

How to upgrade from GA3 to GA4?

If you have GA3, use the following steps to upgrade to GA4.

  • Access the Admin on GA3.
  • You will see the link’ Upgrade to GA4′ in the Property column. Click on it.
  • Start the process by clicking on ‘Get Started.’ You will find this tab under ‘I need to create a new Google Analytics 4 property’. 
  • Next, you have to press on ‘Create Property.’ 
  • The new property is automatically created. The existing GA3 will not get changed. Thereby, you have two GA properties. 
  • Next, press on ‘Tag Installation.’ 
  • Now, choose web data stream and click on the tab ‘Use the existing on-page tag.’
  • Next, use the ‘Google Tag Manager’ to get the drop-down menu to find the set-up guide for using the new GA4 property in the Google Tag Manager or GTM.
  • Note down the measurement Id.
  • Use the GTM account to click on ‘New Tag.’
  • Get the new tag a new name. Choose the tag type as ‘Google Analytics: G4 Configuration’.
  • Here is where you need to enter the measurement ID.
  • The trigger is set to fire on all pages.
  • Save the changes.
  • Get a preview of the entire thing by clicking on ‘Preview.’
  • Next, you need to enter the URL of your site and press ‘Start.’
  • In the new tab, your website opens up.
  • In the previous browser tab, use the tag manager to click on ‘Continue.’ 
  • The tag is firing properly; show the tag G4 Tracking – All pages under the Tags Fired section.
  • Use the GTM to name the version and use the ‘Publish’ button. 
  • Now is the time to visit your site and open the pages.
  • Go back to the GA4 property and go to ‘Webstream details.’ 
  • Use the Real-time icon to view the report in real-time. You will see the analytics report of real-time data.

How do I upgrade to GA4 if I am on Universal Analytics or Classic Google Analytics?

Follow these steps to upgrade to GA4.

  • Open your Google account.
  • Open the site
  • You will see the button ‘Start Measuring.’ Click on it.
  • You need to enter the new Google Analytics account name now. 
  • Click next.
  • Go to the ‘Web’ option and select it. Doing this will create a fresh GA3 property. 

It is important to mention here that you will have both GA3 and GA4 properties for the present. Though Google will terminate GA3 some time at a later date, for now, or till the time GA4 does not become a hundred percent substitute of GA3, the GA3 will continue to be around.

  • Next, you need to provide the site name and URL, enter your industry, category, and time zone. 
  • Choose the ‘create’ button. Tick on the terms of service of Google Analytics. You also need to accept the data processing terms by ticking on the checkbox.
  • Next, you need to accept the ‘Google Measurement Controller-Controller Data Protection Terms.’ 
  • Finally, choose ‘I Accept.’ 
  • You need to provide your email id and confirm the same by ticking on the appropriate checkbox and then press ‘Save.’ 
  • Now the product tour box will show in blue; tick it off.
  • Also, press the ‘Dismiss’ Button’ towards the end of the site.
  • You will now need to install the gtag.js or the Google Analytics tracking code using the GTM on your site. 

After this, follow the previous section’s steps – How to upgrade from GA3 to GA4 – for completing the process.

Should I upgrade if I have Apps+Web property?

We begin with the good news – if you are already on Apps+Web, you can relax because there is nothing much for you to do. It is a name change. All that you need to do is to use GA3 to create the GA4 property.

  • Connect the Apps+Web to the GA3 property. 
  • Go to the Admin, click ‘Upgrade to GA4’.
  • Use the drop-down menu to ‘Select an existing Google Analytics 4 Property’. Choose your ‘Apps+Web property.’ Click on ‘connect properties’ to connect your existing Apps+Web property to the GA3 property.

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