How To Migrate To Canada Using Express Entry?

How To Migrate To Canada Using Express Entry?
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Canada has always been the favorite destination for immigrants all over the world. Various ethnic groups from different nationalities call it home due to its residents-friendly policies and environment. From professionals to students and workers, everyone wants to settle in this country. One chosen strategy to access this country is the express entry. Have you ever searched about it? If not, we are have gathered all that you need to know. This post is a guide about how to migrate to Canada using the express entry system. Stay with us to know more about it!

Express Entry Details:

The express entry is a well-known immigration system that is point-based. Professionals and workers can use this system to migrate to Canada and apply for permanent residency (PR) there. The system awards points to various professionals and workers based on their skills, knowledge, and work experience. The higher the points, the greater chances of getting ITA (invitation to apply) for a PR card.

Key inclusions/details:

The express entry system has streamlined the immigration process for Federal skilled workers. Following are a few inclusions that are good to know.

i) Application Duration:

Permanent residency applications which are submitted through the express entry route are processed in 6-12 months. Each step of your immigration process will be processed during this period. Some applications with stronger points are processed in less time, depending on the work experience, skills, and knowledge.

ii) Federal skilled workers:

The express entry program is designed for Federal skilled workers. Moreover, skilled Federal traders and Canadian experience class immigration options are also offered.

iii) Expression of interest:

Submission of expression of interest is a mandatory step in an immigration application. You must apply for various types of jobs mentioned. There are various skill types 0, A, and B. Applicants must select and apply under these.

iv) Applicant pool inclusion:

Once your application is reviewed, it will be included in the applicant pool. After careful evaluation of your profile based on your points, you will be placed in the pool. Various Canadian provinces and employers access this pool to find applicants that meet their needs.

v) Invitation to apply (ITA):

Applicants with a higher number of points are offered an invitation to apply (ITA) for a permanent residency PR card. ITAs to applicants are issued based on the annual immigration level.

The process seems easier, but various complexities will make the process harder for you. You cant do well without a professional consultant. If you are Indian-based and looking to migrate to Canada, you better connect with Canada immigration Delhi for a streamlined process.

Eligibility for Express Entry Program:

As discussed, applicants are evaluated on a points-based system for Canadian immigration. The evaluation process considers tiny details which lead to the post-immigration success of applicants. With that in mind, the eligibility criteria are a bit tough. Prominent inclusions are enlisted in the coming lines that you must watch out for.

  • Applicant’s Age
  • The highest education level attained by the applicant
  • English language skills (IELTS, TOFEL)
  • Canadian Work Experience
  • Other work experience
  • Skill transferability
  • Other factors

All these points are considered when evaluating the applicants’ profiles. Anyone shorter on these points stands for lesser approval chances.

Benefits of Express Entry System:

The express entry system has numerous positives for someone with work exposure and the ability to thrive internationally. Skilled workers and professionals can adopt this friendly route to live their dreams. A brief explanation of this system’s advantages is given here.

i) Transparent system:

The express entry system has everything revealed, and there is nothing behind the screen. A transparent scoring system (CRS) enables the applicants to score and be eligible for the ITA for a PR card.

ii) Median score awareness:

Another major advantage that applicants are happy to receive is that they know about their median score. They can do well if they know what needs to be obtained to get ITA. Moreover, if they fall short, they always have a good reason for it and can overcome the shortcomings in their next attempt.

iii) Better prospects for migrants:

Migrants can enjoy an improved life in Canada should they cross the border. Young professionals with high degrees or Canadian work exposure stand the chance of winning more points. Candidates with provincial nominations are also eligible for additional points, raising their success chances.

Indian professionals seem to be more busy applying through the express entry system. If you are on the lot, you can win big should you follow the right steps. One proven success technique is to join hands with immigration consultants who can guide you and help you get your ITA.

Seek Consultant’s Help to Settle in Canada!

Canada is a dream country for everyone, and you are no exception. You can settle there and live your dreams should you connect with an professional immigration consulting partner. Consider seeking their guidance to increase your approval chances!

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