Sex with Your Partner in the Time of Quarantine


It is the apocalyptic age. Casual meetings are canceled. Social distancing is on. Places like restaurants, studios, bars, and even concerts have completely stopped. Even dating apps have set up restrictions. However, one cannot stop the human urge of having sex, right? Several speculations about the health-factor of sex during a pandemic have sprung up. When one should try to not have sex with outsiders who have to travel to meet you, there is no forbidden norm on sex with your partner who lives with you! So, today, let us take this topic forward, as you pop one of the orgasmic Rhino Rush 777 pills and see how you can make the most out of this quarantine phase with your partner!

Tips for Having Sex during the Pandemic

Even though we cannot control the urge of having sex, we can, for sure, take steps that would keep us safe and yet give us the adrenaline of experimenting. As you read these tips and tricks, keep this at the back of your mind that the coronavirus spreads through the transmission of bodily fluids, and this list has been curated thinking of the same as well. Now, let us get straight to the subject:

  1. Less Kissing, More Moving: Kisses are the best foreplay that you can think of, I am sure. But during the pandemic, when the virus can spread through anything and everything, cutting back on the kissing is the best thing that you can do. Start with kissing your partner for sure, but, let the effects of the juicy pills you have consumed do its magic, and get to the real show soon!
  1. Avoid Anal: Health experts have often said that the coronavirus can spread through fecal matter. So, the best way to keep yourself safe is not going for anal for a couple of days. Instead, you can check out various other positions like the doggy style or the cowboy or cowgirls pose to make the most of your lovemaking session rather than going for anal play. C’mon guys, this much for your partner is definitely worth it!
  1. Positions: Now is also a time when you are arguably not as busier as you were back in time and can spend hours with your partner in bed. Make the most of the time by checking out various positions to make your sex life interesting. Just ensure that the less face-to face you go, the better it is during the pandemic. Some of the most common positions you can opt for, instead of the missionary, are the lap dance, reverse rider on top, wheelbarrow, and even the standing doggy style. If you are one of those couples who like to look at each other during the session, pop in a mirror in front or on top of you, or design your very own room of pleasure for that added effect.

Self-Pleasure is the Key

It is understandable if you and your partner are locked up with your partners in different houses but still wants to make love to each other. To do so, first, remember the art of masturbation, and the effects that it can give you! You can also opt for sexual text exchanges to make yourself feel closer to your partner!

Self-pleasure, during this depressing pandemic era, can help reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, boost the confidence, and even allow you to sleep better. Make use of the time by finding out new ways you can use to self-pleasure yourself. 

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Conclusion: Now that we all are on the same page regarding having sex during the pandemic in quarantine, remember that the virus is not sexually transmitted, but it is always advised to be careful. To make the time all the more special, you can get your hands on enhancement capsules such as the 5 day forecast pill available at Ultima Max and enjoy the magic at the moment.