The Complete Guide to Visiting a National Park for Beginners

visiting a national park
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With over 424 national parks across the US, it’s not surprising that many people are dying to visit a national park. After all, these parks have it all — stunning views, impeccable beaches, historical spots, and more. And the best part is that they’re all free!

Are you one of the 15% Americans who have never visited a national park? If you are thinking about making a trip to one of these beautiful landmarks, you need to know a few things.

Keep reading to learn some of the best tips for visiting a national park for the first time.

Know When to Go

When deciding when to go to a national park it’s important to consider the weather, how crowded it might be, and the season. If planning to visit in winter, check for closures and plan for any snow or icy conditions. For a more peaceful trip, try visiting during the week or national holidays and school vacations.

Download the Best Apps for Your Trip

The National Parks are incredible places to discover, explore and have a good time. Downloading a few apps on your phone can be an invaluable resource for any first-time National Park visitor. With the help of the right apps, planning a visit to a National Park can be easier and even more enjoyable!

Have a Plan and a Back-Up Plan Too

Visiting a national park for the first time can be thrilling. It is important for beginners to have a plan and a backup plan in case the first plan does not work out. Prior to visiting, do some research on the park to make sure it has what you’re looking for.

What activities do you want to do? What kind of location do you want? Make a list of what national park attractions and activities you want to do while at the park. If one activity is not possible, have added activities in mind to make the most out of your trip.

Make sure to plan ahead and check the park’s policies and rules. A National Parks checklist should include items such as  a quality backpack for storing items throughout the day, comfortable clothes and shoes for hiking, insect repellant, sunscreen, a basic first aid kit, a camera to capture memories, national park travel gear and snacks.

Ask A Ranger

To make your visit even better, rangers encourage visitors to ask questions to learn more about the park and its amenities. Ask A Ranger is a great resource for any beginner – it features interactive tools, maps, and personalized advice from park rangers specifically for each park.

It is a great starting point to get the answers to all your questions. Rangers can give you detailed answers on the best things to do and see during your visit

Visiting a National Park Can be Fun

There is so much to do and explore when visiting a National Park whether it be a vast mountain range or a hidden beach. Be sure to plan ahead, stay informed, and try to experience as much as you can when exploring a National Park.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out and explore America’s National Parks!

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