9 Best Ways To Promote YouTube Channel Organically

9 Best Ways To Promote YouTube Channel Organically
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 How To Promote YouTube Channel Organically

If you established a YouTube channel with the expectation of just publishing material and attracting a stream of subscribers without doing anything more, we have some bad news for you. Simply producing and publishing content is insufficient. To really grow your YouTube channel, you must advertise it. Marketing a YouTube channel does not have to be costly.

YouTube adds 500 hours of fresh material per minute. This equates to 12,000 hours of fresh material each day. Your three-minute film is up against a slew of rivals. Without marketing, regardless of how excellent your variety of YouTube ads are, it may never get the views it deserves. Luckily, with the YouTube promotion strategies included here, you can rocket your video out of YouTube obscurity and increase your views and subscribers.

1.    Conduct Keyword Research

It’s critical to do high-ranking keyword research to ensure your YouTube videos get seen by as many people as possible.

Google ranking is critical since many individuals searching for video material will not sign in to YouTube to begin their search. Rather than that, they will begin their search with Google. Most popular YouTube videos vary from most popular Google video results, making this a difficult task.

By targeting your SEO only for YouTube, you risk alienating a sizable percentage of prospective visitors. Your objective should be to improve your SEO rankings on both YouTube and Google.

2.    Determine What Your Audience Desires

Your content should always align with what your audience wants, regardless of the kind of material you’re creating. Whether you’re producing a blog post or a video, begin by learning about your audience and the kind of material they expect from you.

If you’re just getting started with a YouTube promotion, keep an eye out for your rivals or other video producers in your sector. Consider whichever of their videos has the most number of views and interaction. You’ll have a better sense of what subjects and video formats your viewers are looking for this way.

3.    Create Videos Centered On A Single Topic Or Keyword

While it may seem self-evident, focusing your video on a single topic/keyword is the most effective approach. This drives targeted traffic and increases your subscribers. Many individuals with inexperience in SEOs often overlook this stage. However, it is critical if you want your videos to reach as many people as possible. Consider utilizing a YouTube-specific keyword tool to discover the most popular keywords in the region you’re targeting.

It’s critical to choose your keyword before you begin creating your video content. This enables you to provide the most accurate information possible on that subject. Additionally, it assists you in remembering to include your keyword organically throughout the video to ensure that it is picked up by YouTube when closed captions are applied. Once you’ve selected a keyword, research the videos that are presently ranking for that subject. Ensure you’re targeting the appropriate audience, and don’t forget to optimize the title and description.

4.    Utilize Hashtags

YouTube, like other social media sites, makes use of hashtags to categorize and search content. Utilizing hashtags may aid in the discovery of your videos. Additionally, you may use hashtags to classify your videos without creating playlists. YouTube allows for a maximum of 15 hashtags. Anything more than that will result in all hashtags used in the video being disregarded. The optimal number of hashtags for video description appears to be between three and five.

Before you begin putting in hashtags, take a moment to search to see what comes up in those hashtags. If you discover a large amount of low-quality material linked with a particular hashtag, you should avoid using it. Instead, have your content linked with other similar hashtags with a good ranking. Additionally, you may build unique branded hashtags that can lead visitors to additional of your content.

5.    Involve Your Audience

It’s critical to remember that YouTube is a social media platform that necessitates social engagement. You’re missing a trick if you’re just uploading videos without encouraging discussion among your followers. YouTube rewards channels with a high level of engagement, including watch time, likes and dislikes, and most significantly, comments. Attempt to reply to each remark and invite people to participate through audio/visual cues.

6.    Spread the Word on Other Social Media Platforms

One of the wonderful aspects of social media is the ability to cross-promote content across platforms. The simplest method to increase your YouTube following is to share your videos on other social networks. There are many social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to promote your YouTube video. And if you want to upload videos straight to your other social media channel, you can always make a preview for the full-length video on YouTube. Don’t forget to include your videos on your blog.

7.    Subscription Campaign

One indicator of a viewer’s engagement with your network is when they “subscribe” to get notifications of new videos. In each video you post, invite viewers to join your channel and maintain contact with your current subscribers. Never ever pay for subscriptions. This will eventually decrease your involvement and jeopardize the validity of your account. Bear in mind that if you do not request subscribers from your viewers, you may lose out on many prospective followers.

8.    Increase the Frequency of Your Uploads

This advice may seem daunting at first, but increasing your publishing frequency to at a minimum one video per week can help you build your following. Not to worry; you won’t need a design company or a large advertising budget to do this. Today’s smartphones provide great video capturing capabilities, and apps make editing videos simple for anybody. Consistency is critical. Attempt to publish each day simultaneously sometimes, and inform your followers when YouTube episodes will be available. After that, adhere to your timetable.

Remember, it is via excellent content that you build engaged followers and, ultimately, brand advocates! Stay loyal to your brand while communicating with your audience.

9.    Collaborate With Other YouTube Creators

Make no apprehensions about collaborating with other YouTube producers and influencers. This kind of cross-promotion benefits both parties and is an effective way to broaden your reach. Collaborations are straightforward: two or more YouTubers collaborate to produce a unique video for each channel. To begin, seek another YouTube celebrity with a similar following. Then, make contact and present your case.


You now have the knowledge necessary to advertise your YouTube channel with minimum resources. Despite the abundance of material on YouTube, viewers are always screaming for more.

To avoid your videos being lost in the mix, you’ll need a comprehensive YouTube marketing plan that incorporates both sponsored and organic promotion.

When you’re just beginning, you may lack the funds necessary to invest in sponsored advertising. By following the suggestions in this blog, you’ll be able to boost your YouTube views, build your subscriber base, and take control of your own narrative.



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