10 Free Tools to Assist You Get What People Search For

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Whatever People Are Searching For 

Where do you see for release stories or trending subjects? 

There are so several great tools that assist SEO marketers to make an understanding of what bodies search for and why. They can assist answer questions like:

  • When should I reproduce an article?
  • Would this article present well?
  • Who would see this article?

How to find those answers? 

With amazing excellent tools.


Buzzsumo is one of my preferred tools because of its Content Discovery solution. It allows you to explore by topics Trending Immediately. 

And, you can filter by 1 hour, 3 hours, and 24 hours. Plus, you canister filter by subjects.

Buzzsumo does allow a free version in limited time and then you can upgrade it monthly.


To assist you to find what people are exploring for about a special topic, just type in your keyword or phrase and see the magic occur. SEMRush will remove phrase match keywords, relevant keywords, and natural search results.

Paid users have more extra features they can use it in Pro Version. 

 Answer The Public

Answer The Public is another preference of mine and comparatively new to the scene related to other tools. It uses explorations from Google and Bing and has a large database that is powerful to prognosticate what searchers are continuing to ask.

The interface is what does this tool one of my preferences. While it is a keyword research tool, it represents a gorgeous visualization of data.

Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can directly view topmost stories. And, you can search and analyze explicit keywords in two quick steps: 

  • Type your keyword in the search box.
  • Click compare, then type your second keyword. 

Using Google Trends, you can see country data and relevant queries that will assist guide your keyword plan.


Bloomberry is really like Answer The Public the main variation is that Bloomberry presents real issues and topics that people are now talking of on blogs and discussion forums. 


Facebook is one of the simplest free tools for identified important topics. Plus, a lot of people take their stories from Facebook. The team at Facebook built Trending topics to give a list of what is familiar on Facebook right now.


Twitter is another free tool I like to use before building content. Related to Facebook Trends, Twitter Trends use an algorithm to start trends that are defined based on your location. 

Changing your location is super effective if you are concentrating on local SEO Services.


YouTube is often recognized for its food videos and workout videos, but it also gives a trending video part so that you can see what’s familiar on YouTube right now. You can additionally examine our YouTube Trends blog.


In November 2016, Pinterest launched Explore as a feature for Pinners to get out what’s common on Pinterest. It uses an algorithm to generate personalized pins of that day based on search trends. You can also scan up to 30 separate topics.

 Instagram’s Explore

 Instagram’s Explore is also a free tool to identify trending topics.

A lot of people take their stories from Instagram.

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