10 Greatest Exhibits of Netflix Which Inspired Many

10 Greatest Exhibits of Netflix Which Inspired Many
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Ever since its launch, Netflix has turned out to be everyone’s favorite platform for binge-watching movies and series. Its numerous shows have been creating waves all around the world and have inspired many. Netflix’s series has also turned out to be didactic in nature and can be viewed for sake of enhancing the knowledge or as a best online chess course through its amazing TV shows. Here are the top 10 great exhibits of Netflix that have left a long-lasting impact on the audience:

1.    The Crown:

No wonder why this one tops the list! The fictional representation of the ascendancy of Queen Elizabeth 2 in the post-WW2 era has taken the world Bu storm. The attention to the minor details, on-point acting skills of the actors, and twist and turns of the storyline have made the show binge-watch worthy for the audience. It has given us an insight into the private lives of the royal families that are otherwise a mystery for us all. 

2.    Dear White People:

This one is an adoption of an award-winning movie from 2014 and has been a citizen for its racist plot and being biased towards the white people. The story starts off with the protagonist Sam who runs a radio show named ‘Dear White People’, on the campus that has the majority of white people. The plot construction of the show makes it absolutely entertaining.

3.    Master of None:

Master of none is truly a masterpiece that has elements of comedy, melancholy, and the right amount of romance and makes it enjoyable for a wide range of audiences. The story sheds light on the impact of harassment and not speaking up about it in the past. 

4.    Stranger Things:

‘Stranger things’ another jewel in Netflix’s crown. It is thought to be a rival of HBO’s Game of Throne. The story is set in 1980’s small town named Hawkins where some mad scientists experimented with the children and opened the doorway to a nightmarish future dimension. It is a perfect blend of horror and sacrifice. 

5.    Bridgeton:

Who hasn’t heard of this one? Bridgerton was all over Instagram and blogs ever since its first season was launched. The series revolves around the life of the protagonist Daphne Bridgeton and how her life changed after she entered Regency London’s competitive marriage market. The engaging battles between the suitors make the show delightful entertainment for the audience.

6.    Behind Her Eyes:

This one has the most interesting and unique storyline. This is the story of a young single mom who has an affair with her psychiatrist boss. Then things get more complex when she befriends his wife and found herself stuck in a web of lies. They were not how they seemed to be! This series is based on a novel by Sara Pinborough. 

7.    One Day at a Time:

One day at a time is revived version of a classic 70’s sitcom. However, the change is in the make-up of the story which revolves around a Cuban American family that is dealing with the modern-day issues of Latinos. The amazing acting of every single character on board is making the show entertaining when aligned with the interesting storyline. 

8.    Unbelievable:

This one is based on the article ‘The Unbelievable Story of Rape’ and you can see a traumatized teen trying to recall the moments she was raped and how later cops find the truth about it. The stellar cast makes the story even more compelling and manages to grab the attention of audiences with the first few episodes only. 

9.    Good Girls:

This is a story of three suburban mothers, who when found themselves in unfortunate circumstances, refuse to give up and go from playing safe to risking everything to get their power back. The amazing performance is bound to keep you entertained. 

10. Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio:

An autobiographical series based on the life of Jenna Rivera and how her struggles brought her dream to reality. The story is taken from her book ‘unbreakable’ and lets us see Rivera as a daughter, mother, wife, lover, and artist. 

These Netflix shows have proved to be really impactful and have inspired many. Do give them a watch, this list won’t disappoint you at all!

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