12 Massive TikTok Strategies To Outrank Your Competitors

12 Massive TikTok Strategies To Outrank Your Competitors
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Digital marketing has always offered small businesses to compete with big brands and grow their customer base. The online world is huge and huge, and there are enormous competitions to build their online reputation and try to engage with their target customers.

Social networks now play a major role in consuming trending news, information, media, entertainment, and more. TikTok is currently one of the trendiest apps on the market to make more profit for your business, especially if your target market is teenagers and youngsters.

If you want to make your business stand out and outrank your competitors, you need to build your community by posting unique and engaging content regularly. In this article, we’re going to discuss the 12 massive TikTok strategies that will help you to overcome your competitor’s account.

1. Choose Your Target Content

Content is the best part to share your valuable information with loyal audiences. Like other social media platforms, TikTok grows around informative and worthy content. If you’ve used TikTok to promote your brand, you should update your brand message consistently.

There are endless possibilities to upload valuable content. First, you should pick the topic in which you have solid knowledge in that particular topic to share your experience. Then, you have to analyze your competitors to see what type of content they post, their target customers, and more. Afterward, put your efforts into producing the best content. Getting feedback from users is the best strategy to know whether or not you’re moving on the right path.

2. Post Regularly

Building a community is essential to outrank your competitors and become popular on the platform. So, you should concentrate on creating more content and publish it on a regular basis. The more videos you share, the more followers you gain, and it will help keep your audience’s attention.

According to the research, the best time to upload content on TikTok is 6 AM to 10 AM and 7 PM to 11 PM. If you post your content at the peak time of your audience, you can reach your content to wider audiences.

3. Follow TikTok Trends

TikTok is full of trends, and it varies from popular videos, songs, effects, challenges, and hashtags. When you open the TikTok For You feed, you can see the trending videos with creator profiles. So, you should keep up to date by tracking trending videos and hashtags.

Moreover, trends can change at any time, so always keeping an eye on them will help you to easily create videos relating to the current trends and attract new followers to watch your videos.

4. Use Hashtags

Similar to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, hashtags play an important role in finding and classifying your content. Make sure to use relevant hashtags for each of your videos, and it is the best way to reach your content to whole new audiences and drive user interaction on TikTok.

If you use trending hashtags that appear on the TikTok discover page, it will increase the chance to receive likes on TikTok videos and grow your brand reach organically. Suppose, when you don’t know what hashtags to use for your videos, you can use a TikTok search section to find the trending hashtags that are relevant to your videos.

5. Create Engaging Content

On TikTok, you only have 3 to 15 seconds to attract the users to follow you. So, make sure to create pleasant and memorable content that catches the attention of a TikTok visitor. TikTok is a popular social network, so the user’s engagement is high if you properly upload the content relevant to the target audiences.

Make sure to use a unique background and attractive design for all your posts. It is the best way to captivate a massive user base and engage them to watch your content regularly.

6. Promote Hashtag Challenges

TikTok is a powerful marketing tool that can help your brand to reach wider people and increase brand awareness. One more exciting way to outrank your competitors and drive users’ attention to TikTok is to promote a TikTok hashtag challenge. It will encourage your audiences to create videos of themselves and post them to their profile with relevant hashtags.

Hashtag challenge on TikTok is a strong and most popular tactic to build your community and have a brand presence whenever your potential customers are participating.

7. Interaction Is a Powerful Key

Similar to other social media platforms, interaction is the key to boost your audience engagement and increase your post reach. TikTok gives opportunities for users to interact with other users’ posts through likes, comments, and shares.

If you post comments on other users’ videos, you can get the chance the followers of their account will start to watch your posts when your comment is meaningful and attractive. TikTok ranks the comments based on the number of likes you’ve got.

8. Work With Popular Influencers

TikTok has popular influencers with a massive number of followers. TikTok influencers are powerful, and they have the ability to inspire their fans and followers in many ways. Working with TikTok influencers will help you to establish high quality content and get more exposure from their audiences.

When you partner with influencers on TikTok, just make sure that their audiences are relevant to your target market. Usually, influencers are dedicated to building an online reputation and create a massive community among TikTok users.

9. Use TikTok Ads

TikTok has a unique advertising system that allows brands and businesses to promote their content to a massive user base. Advertising on TikTok is an excellent opportunity to enhance brand awareness, reach potential customers and increase your brand visibility online faster.

You can maximize your ROI with TikTok advertising options include,

  • Infeed native ads
  • Hashtag challenges
  • Brand takeover ads
  • Top view ads
  • Branded filters

10. Be Short And Visually Dynamic

In the rapid fire app TikTok, few things are more powerful and important to capture your audience’s eyesight. Remember that short form videos always grab your audience’s attention more than long form videos. So, plan your content that will be visually attractive and short.

Uploading blur videos will decrease your video visibility because people always like clear and visually attractive content. When you’re trying to become a popular creator on TikTok, you need to make sure that your content has a perfect look and impression.

11. Track Your Campaigns Success

Measuring the result of your campaign’s success is a great marketing strategy to outrank your competitors. TikTok analytics tool gives you the most important and valuable insights to understand the right type of content, the number of followers you receive in the past 7 to 28 days, engagement rate, and more.

If you’re getting low engagement with your content, you have to think about what mistakes you made and how to solve them. Keeping up with updated TikTok analytics is a great way to manage & grow your marketing strategy and achieve more success.

12. Give Call To Action


If you give a call to action with your TikTok posts, it will increase the chances of getting more sales and traffic from your website. A strategic call to action will instantly boost your conversion rate and encourage people to take a specific action that benefits your business.

When you’re trying to create a connection between your brand and consumers, adding the best CTA to your posts is the key. Moreover, it is a great strategy to get an immediate response from your audiences and encourage them to make sales.

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