Quickbooks Error 1328: Troubleshooting guide

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Quickbooks Error 1328: Troubleshooting guide

Quickbooks Update Error 1328 mostly occurs during a configuration process where there is some kind of mismatch. Whenever a user tries to Install, Update, Repair, or even Uninstall the Quickbooks this error can pop up. However, this error mostly shows up when a user is trying to update the Quickbooks, and most often or not this error is due to the company files found in the “.msi” configured folder, and the file will be in the form “.tmp”.

Symptoms & Reasons of the Error 1328.

The Following are the main reasons for this error.

  • When there is any issue in downloading Quickbooks.
  • When the company/program file is damaged or corrupted.
  • Issues with a network connection.
  • When the system itself is having some issues.
  • When files are not properly installed.
  • When the entries in windows may be invalid.
  • When the system is under attack from some type of virus or malware.
  • Shut down issues with the system and program.
  • When the Quickbooks version that is installed in the system Is not compatible with the license.

Solutions of Quickbooks Error 1328:-

Solution 1:Clean Reinstallation of the Quickbooks.

  • Remove Quickbooks completely by uninstalling it from your system.
  • After this, you need to do a Clean Installation of the Quickbooks. For this, you can opt for any of the following steps.
  1. There is always the option to do a clean installation by installing it directly from the CD drive provided.
  2. A user can also download Quickbooks from a trusted source and then install it in the system.

Solution 2:Windows Installation Process repairs.

  • Users need to have admin authority when logging in to windows.
  • Now open Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  • Now in the list look for Quickbooks & remove it by uninstalling it.
  • But instead of removing, choose the option to Repair in uninstaller.
  • After the Quickbooks repairs on your system apply the updated security patch to it.

Solution 3:Checking for the location of the config.msi file.

  • Use the Explore option by right-clicking the Start Key button.
  • Open the “C:\” Drive and the user needs to choose the folder after clicking on Tools.
  • Then in the view option in the toolbar user need to select “All Hidden Files as well as Folders”.
  • Now Apply and Ok the process.
  • All system files that are necessary need to be operated.
  • Then locate “config.msi” and rename it to “config.msi.old”.

Solution 4: Registered tool application repairs.

  • Repair all the damaged registry entries that are related to Quickbooks by running the Registry repair tool.
  • With the help of any Malware removal tool remove or fix all the malware attacking your system or are present in the system.
  • Remove all the junk and unwanted files from your computer or other systems that might use the application.
  • Uninstall any PC Device Drivers that are outdated and not important.
  • Now through Recent System Changes restore changes by undoing.
  • Users also need to Remove & Install Quickbooks back again to the system.
  • Scan PC for any damaged or corrupt file by running “Windows System File Checker” and then repair them.
  • Now, all the essential Windows updates need to be downloaded and installed.


The Error 1328 is mainly caused while installing, updating, repairing, or uninstalling the Quickbooks software which can be easily solved by the solution given in this document.

But, if the error is still popping up then you might need to get further instruction from Quickbooks error Support. 

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