3 Surprising Ways You Can Earn From Your Tech

3 Surprising Ways You Can Earn From Your Tech
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The Internet has changed the way people live, socialize, and even earn money. Check out this list of hobbies that will let you earn a good amount of money in the future.

Surely, you are familiar with the saying that when you do what you love, you will never feel like work is work. That is true, there is a way you can make many from the things that you love doing. However, sometimes it is a matter of luck since not all hobbies are created equal. Some can rake in tons of bucks, while some just keep you spending. 

Check out this list of hobbies that bring people money. Maybe your favorite pastime is in here. Or maybe there is one in this list that you’ve been interested in for so long. Take this as a sign to pursue that one thing. 

For so long, kids who were always sitting in front of their computers were vilified. People would say that they have no future, and they will grow up with no friends. They don’t know how to socialize, and they are unhealthy. 

However, the industry that made the biggest revenue in billions of dollars for the past decades is tech. The highest-paying jobs are in technology sectors such as programming and software development. As the tech world continues to soar to greater heights, any computer-related skill will remain useful. 

Computer games

The gaming world has elevated over the past years. There are even international competitions now in esports. World championships exist for games like DOTA where countries send a national team just like they would in traditional sports.

It has even crossed over to the world of cryptocurrency. You can play a game like Axie Infinity and earn money by exchanging crypto coins. The tokens you earn in the game have value in the real world, and people are making a living off it. 

If you want to get started with computer games, all you need is to invest in is a decent PC and a good internet connection. Gaming requires some computer specifications like dedicated video cards and high storage. Consult computer professionals, so you can choose among the best computers or laptops for sale that will suit your gaming needs. 

Online shopping

How can spending money on online purchases make you earn money? Well, thanks to e-commerce, there is now an earning opportunity for those who love adding to their online carts. 

There is a marketing strategy in e-commerce called affiliate marketing. It is sort of a partnership with an e-commerce platform and people who use the internet all the time. Basically, what you do is you market a product on behalf of the company.

To do this, you need to join an affiliate program. Then, choose what products your want to promote. You will receive an affiliate link. You will get a commission from any purchase or store visit that comes from your affiliate link.

What most people do is they try the products first and then post a review on their social media. You can post a video of you using the product or tell a story about how the product affected you positively. Affiliate marketing is working wonders in the advertising industry because endorsing products is no longer limited to celebrities. 

However, there are strict rules in affiliate marketing. You must abide by the code of ethics when you participate in affiliate marketing programs. One is that you must be transparent that you will earn some commission if people use your link. 

Watching movies and online videos

Yes, you can earn money from simply watching movies and video clips online. If you love watching Netflix movies and series, you can be a critique and get paid for your movie reviews. There are online platforms that give commissions to content contributors. Some of them require people to submit a critique of one movie or a listicle of movie recommendations. 

You can also start a Youtube channel that gives recaps on any movie. For this, you need some skills in video editing, voice-over recording, and writing. If you want to seriously pursue this as a money-making career, you can always hire other people to edit the videos for you or do the voice-over. Most of these film recaps are lengthy, but the effort is worth it because there is a market for them. 

Another way to earn money when watching on the internet is through platforms like Swagbucks. They pay you by watching news clips, sports highlights, and other themed videos. You earn per minute of watched content. You can earn cash or gift cards. There are sites and apps that pay you when you complete surveys or play online games. 

While most of these hobbies won’t bring you a massive fortune, it’s not a bad idea to get paid doing what you love. 

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