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Studies show that dental practices must focus on person-centered care for people to achieve optimal dental health. Person-centered care involves understanding the behavior and lifestyle of patients outside the clinic setting.

The fact is that person-centered care and patient-friendly dental care are one and the same. Many people avoid the dentist due to dental anxiety and lack of personalized attention. If you’re looking to improve your practice, you must take a person-centered approach.

Keep reading this guide to learn four tips to make your dental practice more patient-friendly!

1. Make Your Website More User Friendly

Your dental practice website should be optimized, personalized, and accessible for your patients. It should also be safe and secure, following HIPPA rules and regulations.

Remember, the goal for your patients is to be able to access the information they need. The goal for everyone else visiting your website is to become your patients.

You’ll also need to take steps like:

  • Ensure your website’s About Us page has clear information about your practice
  • Be clear about the services you offer
  • Have an easy-to-access contact page
  • Offer 24-hour online appointment booking
  • Start a blog for patient education

To do this, you’ll need dental office computer support. You can check out this website to learn more about IT services for dentists.

2. Make It Easy for Patients to Connect With You

One of the best ways to improve your dental practice is to give your patients various ways to connect with you.

The last thing your patients want to do is spend hours playing phone tag or leaving voicemails that go unanswered.

Patient-friendly dental offices shift communication to other channels like real-time text messaging and email. Doing this allows your patients to confirm and reschedule appointments quickly and efficiently.

3. Offer a Variety of Financing Options

It’s no secret that people will refuse or delay necessary treatments if they know they can’t afford them. Providing your patients with alternative payment options makes your dental practice more patient-friendly and improves patient care overall.

First, you can offer monthly payment options for patients that can’t afford to pay the entire balance at once. You can also consider offering a membership plan that offers treatments like cleanings, fillings, and X-rays for a low monthly fee.

Finally, offering financing options like Compassionate Finance and CareCredit enables you to help more patients afford the dental treatments they need.

4. Ask For Feedback Regularly

Asking for regular feedback from your patients is essential. But to truly improve patient satisfaction, you’ll need to take it one step further and make the necessary changes.

Offering better customer service to your patients will make your practice more patient-friendly and reduce patient turnover. You’ll also find higher rates of patient referrals.

You can start by asking patients for their feedback after an appointment. Websites like Google and Yelp allow you to create and share a link with your patients to leave reviews. All you have to do is include the link in a follow-up email after their appointment.

Facebook is also a fantastic way to interact with patients and encourage them to leave feedback.

Use These Tips for a More Patient-Friendly Dental Practice

Using these patient-friendly dental tips will help accelerate your practice’s growth by changing how you interact with your patients.

Once you start implementing changes, you’ll easily be able to find new ways to make improvements in the future.

Make sure to check out the rest of our blog to learn more helpful business tips!

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