5 Benefits of Getting a Health Screening done in London

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If you are residing in the United Kingdom and its surrounding areas, then you must be really lucky to have the NHS at our disposal. However, most people have the utmost tendency to get medical attention only when they are not fit. By the time you might develop the symptoms, your health condition is already compromised. Getting a health screening done has some benefits that can help to maintain a better lifestyle. You should go for dental as well as eye sight check-ups routinely and at the same time, know the importance of getting health screenings done regularly. This will enable you to know probable health problems so that you can decrease the risks and improve further progression of your illness.

At Private GPs London Clinic, experienced doctors are highly committed to detect any disease early and prevent its underlying cause. The health screenings include – thorough assessment of your changes in lifestyle and a complete analysis of your medical record. Most patients are provided with a comprehensive medical report with diagnostic findings, proper recommendations and specialist referrals. You may read through private GPs reviews in London before you undergo a health screening from them.

Read on to know 5 benefits of getting a health screening done.

Detect health risks at an early stage 

Both acute and severe conditions can be benefited through early diagnosis. The most obvious case is cancer as early detection may avoid malignant tissue from spreading anywhere in your body. Thus, the earlier the diagnosis can be done, the more effective the treatment is going to be for you.

According to Cancer Research UK, breast, bowel, prostate, ovarian and lung cancer survival rates have seemed to improve drastically with early diagnosis. These simple non-invasive tests can help in saving lives to a great extent. Some of these tests are:

  • Breast cancer – thorough examination and mammogram.
  • Bowel cancer – calprotectin and faecal occult blood (FOBT) tests.
  • Prostate cancer – complete examination and prostate specific antigen test (PSA).
  • Ovarian cancer – proper examination and ultrasound.
  • Lung cancer – chest X-ray and sputum cytology.

The conditions related to heart are usually undiagnosed till its symptoms like breathlessness and chest pain become apparent. An ECG help to detect electrical conductivity problems or vessel blockages at an early stage. Certain changes in lifestyle and proper medication are usually suggested that can help in further progression of heart disease. This might probably prevent the risk of heart attack in future.

Health screening can be helpful in the detection of life threatening illness and probable health problems that might be affecting your daily energy levels. This generally consists of – hormone levels, blood sugar, thyroid function and nutrient deficiencies. Thus, small fluctuations in these delicate balances may have a greater impact in your overall well-being. Early detection is important for treating acute as well as chronic conditions.

Changes in your lifestyle

By detecting different ways in how your lifestyle might be affecting your overall wellness, health screenings may help take up positive steps for a healthier you. This consists of – changes in your diet, exercise regime, stress management and smoking cessation.

Everyone has to take the effort to keep an eye on their BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and vitality. You may book a health screening to know in details about your health condition and address any bad habits. Small changes in your lifestyle can have long-term benefits on your overall health and well-being. By knowing you live a life that supports in reaching your optimal health can offer more confidence and ensure peace of mind.

Family history and genetic risk factors

Sporadic visits to the private GP cannot always evaluate your family history thoroughly. This means you might be at greater risk of getting an inherited condition that can manifest itself later in life.

By detecting the risk factors, you can make some changes in your lifestyle to reduce the chances of getting some hereditary diseases. Diabetes, hypertension and heart failure may be common in families, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle may help to overcome certain genetic problems.

Specific health screening

Health screening can be performed by a case-by-case basis. This means certain factors specific to an individual should be considered at the time of deciding necessary tests to carry out. This is convenient as well as cost-effective that ensures proper diagnosis can be done thoroughly.

Endoscopy is said to be an invasive test that consists of inserting a camera into the colon. But, when other preliminary non-invasive tests like FOBT are done, they can rule out the requirement for severe measures. Hence, it is not said that endoscopies are unnecessary rather, they are suggested as part of the entire clinical picture including – age, symptoms, family record, etc.

The same is applicable for other tests that may cause harm to your health condition like overuse of x-ray imaging. The benefits of screening should always outweigh its risks. Age, family record, gender and changes in life-style may influence certain risk factors for the disease. So, any kind of evaluation plan should be specifically customised to meet the needs of the individual.

Updated research and patient empowerment

Medicine is changing all the time and it is extremely important that patients can be treated in line with the most recent research findings. The NHS has recommended people who are in between the age group of 40 to 74 years should undergo a health check in every five years. This is said to be a conservative estimate depending on the age when you had diabetes, heart and kidney disease that seemed to develop. According to the NHS Health Check findings, it has been estimated that

  • 1 in 110 are usually diagnosed for type 2 diabetes.
  • 1 in 27 should be diagnosed due to high pressure.
  • 1 in 265 can be diagnosed with kidney disease.

As per the research in diagnosing diseases, early detection and prevention can help to maintain a better and healthy lifestyle. This enables the doctors to treat major cause than its symptoms which improves risk reduction in different diseases and further responsiveness to therapy.

According to the World Health Organisation, one of the major considerations for health screenings should be transparency. People are well-informed with neutral health guidelines available to the public so that they may decide if or not to get a screening test done. There are health checks and health screenings in London for everyone. Thus, you need to get your health screenings done based on your age, gender and lifestyle factors from the private GP and improve overall condition.

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