5 Challenge Coin Collector Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

challenge coin collector mistakes
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Starting a coin collection? Then you should understand how vital it is to collect and sell challenge coins for a profit.

Challenge coins are military and organization tokens that range from basic to personalized. Each design is symbolic, crafted with a message within its core. This makes them valuable.

But, to become a collector and sell these tokens in the future, have a deep understanding of the mistakes to avoid.

Learn more about the challenge coin collector mistakes to avoid by reading this guide.

1. Collecting Without a Plan

Begin collecting without a plan is a common mistake among challenge coin collectors. Collectors may collect challenge coins with no direction or focus. Ending up with a disorganized, unimpressive coin collection.

To avoid, challenge coin collectors should begin by creating a plan of action that outlines what areas of interest, themes, or designs they will focus on for their collection. Collectors should also keep their budget in mind and strive to add value to their collection by researching the market before buying.

2. Absence to Conduct Research

A collector should never make an investment without doing adequate research first. Doing so could lead them to overpay for an item that was not identified or turn out to be fake or worthless.

To avoid this, don’t pick the companies or services you come across. Be sure to read any reviews or feedback from past customers to ensure a positive experience.

For example, if you want some firefighter challenge coins, find companies or services that specialize in selling firefighter challenge coins.

3. Disregarding Quality

Quality is based on a few factors, including the mintage of the coin and size. A coin’s mintage and size will often affect its value and quality.

To avoid, be sure to take a few extra minutes to inspect the coin before purchasing challenge coins. Also, be sure to ask your coin collecting community or an expert challenge coin dealer to learn more about the quality of the coins you’re considering.

4. Inappropriate Storing

Many collectors may be too hasty to find a coin collection storage for their coins and place them into a makeshift tray or box. This can damage coins, as the wrong container can be too tight and press too hard on the edges and edges of the coins. Leading to broken rims or scratched surfaces.

To avoid, coins should be stored in a clean and cool environment. Also, coins should be individually wrapped in soft cloth, with layers of tissue paper separating them to prevent friction.

5. Failure to Grade the Coins

Grading coins is key to assessing their worth and ensuring proper financial compensation should be given for the coin. When coins are not graded, they may be incorrectly valued and create confusion when a sale is made.

To avoid, it’s essential to get some knowledge about grading coins. In most cases, coins should be normally sent to a third-party specialist who can grade each coin.

Follow These Challenge Coin Collector Mistakes Tips

Overall, challenge coin collecting can be a fun and rewarding experience. Follow these challenge coin collector mistakes tips before you add any coins to your collection, and research the coin’s history and make sure it’s authentic.

Familiarize yourself with the regulations of the Challenge Coin Society to ensure you’re following their rules. Get out there, find some unique coins, and join a challenge coin society to get the most from your hobby!

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